SDUT Decomposes and Deploys Annual Tasks


President Zhang Tiezhu presided over a meeting in the conference room on the 9th floor of Hongyuan Tower on the morning of March 13th, decomposing and deploying the major tasks in 2019. University leaders Yi Yuchen, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, Zha Yuxi and Zhang Jinsheng attended the meeting, and heads of the administration offices and direct units participated in the meeting.

Head of the Party Committee (President) Office explained the decomposition plan of the key tasks of SDUT in 2019, and briefly introduced the basis, process and specific requirements of the task decomposition. On the basis of their respective responsibilities and realities, the participants discussed the decomposition plan and put forward proposals and suggestions.

Zhang Tiezhu emphasized that the annual tasks of 2019 are strenuous. Focusing on doing a good job throughout the year and promoting further implementation of the tasks, he put forward four requirements. First, an overall planning should be strengthened. All administration offices and units should constantly strengthen their sense of mission and sense of responsibility for promoting high-quality development, firmly establish the idea of “coordinating efforts all over the university as on a single chessboard”, conscientiously implement the important deployment requirements of higher authorities, and further plan for a better layout of strengthening implementation. We should grasp the level of implementation of key items and routine work, solve problems in order of importance and urgency, promptly coordinate work between different offices, units and academic schools, strengthen guidance and service to academic schools, and strive to achieve a new level of development in all aspects of work.

Second, it is necessary to refine and improve measures. All administration offices and units should constantly strengthen their sense of urgency of enforcing implementation. In light of high-quality development of the university and their respective responsibilities, all administration offices and units should deeply understand the core tasks of 2019 and characteristics of their work, accurately align themselves with corresponding departments, strengthen the organization and measures, and innovate means and methods. They should firmly focus on key tasks, further clarify specific measures for target tasks, formulate more accurate road maps and work drawings, and improve timetables and schedules. Individual responsibility should be stressed and the implementation of core tasks should be specially focused on.

Third, coordination and cooperation should be strengthened. All administration offices and departments should strengthen their awareness of cooperative operations, highlight goal-oriented and problem-oriented sense, break down thinking inertia and path dependence, and strive to improve work mechanism of mutual coordination. They should not only assume their respective responsibilities and fulfill their duties according to the requirements of the division of work, but also take the initiative to act, cooperate and coordinate, refrain from prevarication and shifting responsibility onto others, and form a strong joint effort to deepen the implementation of the work.

Fourth, supervision and evaluation should be stressed. We should work hard to strengthen the pressure transmission mechanism for supervision and inspection, and closely combine the supervision of key issues and core tasks. We should also adhere to the system of regular briefing, and issue Strengthening Implementation Monthly to promote implementation and development and ensure effective work. It is necessary to further improve the construction of the work assessment and evaluation mechanism, strengthen the goal-oriented standard, encourage innovation, and evaluate implementation result by the actual work performance.

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