SDUT won 9 provincial awards for its outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology


On the morning of April 4, 2019, AwardsConference of Science and Technologywas held in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province,in recognition ofthe individuals and organizationsthat have made outstanding contributions to advancements in science and technologyand to economic growth & social development in 2018. At the conference, SDUT was presented to 9 prizes—5 first prizes, 3second prizes and 1third prize—for its outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology, ranking top one in terms of the level and number of the awards, which made a historic breakthrough among provincial universities.

Those present at the meeting included LIU Jiayi, Secretary of the Province’s Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, GONG Zheng, the Province’s Governor and Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, FU Zhifang, Chairman of the Provincial CPPCC, YANG Dongqi, Deputy Secretary of the Province’sParty Committee, WANG Ke, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and Head of Organization Department, GUAN Zhi’ou, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and Head of Publicity Department, YU Xiaoming, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, YU Jie, Vice Governor, and SHEN Changyou, the Provincial Government’s Secretary General. They presented awards to the winners. SUDT President ZHANG Tiezhu headed a delegation to the conference and went on stage to receive awards. LIU Jiayi, FU Zhifang, WANG Ke and SHEN Changyou respectively presented the award certificates to ZHANG Tiezhu, ZHANG Xueyi, BI Gehua and SUN Juntao who were on behalf of their respective winning teams.

As stipulated in the Province’s “Measures forAwarding Sci-Technology Achievements”, after the review of the Provincial Sci-technology Awards Review Committee and the verification of the Provincial Sci-technology Department, 195 prizes were approved by the Province’s Government. They were 1 prize for the highest Sci-Technology Achievement, 24 prizes (3 first prizes, 17 second prizes and 4 third prizes) for the achievements in natural science, 13 prizes (3 first, 7 second, and 3 third) for technology innovation, and 157 prizes (34 first, 79 second and 44 third) for the achievements in natural science. 

Among theawards, the first prizeswere awarded to the following projects: ZHANG Tiezhu team’s“Research & Development and Application of High-performance Power Battery of New-energy Vehicle” (with SDUT as the first unit), ZHAO Yugang team’s “Application ofKey Technology in Super-sized Water-ring Vacuum Pump and the Complete Sets of Equipment Design” (with SDUT as the second unit), CONG Jianchen teams’s “Green Manufacturing Key Technology and Industrialization of High-performance Cast Iron with Controllable Quality and Size”(with SDUT as the second unit), BI Gehua and BI Yusui team’s “Creation of New Non-chlorinated Fluoropolyurethane Chemical Foaming Agent”(with SDUT as the first unit), and ZHANG Xueyi team’s “Controlling Technology and Industrialization of Electromagnetic Coupling Voltage of Rare Earth’s Permanent Magnet and Electromagnetic Hybrid Excitation Power Generation System”(with SDUT as the first unit). 

The second prizes were presented to the following projects, all with SDUT as the first unit: SUN Juntao Team’s “Quality and StabilityAnalysis of Several Kinds of Nonlinear Differential Equations” for its achievements in natural Science, LIU Yongqi Team’s “Comprehensive Utilization of Technology of Low Concentration and Zero Emission of Gas in Coal Mines” for its achievements in technology invention, SUN Xiateam’s “Integration and Application of Key Technology to Testand Trace Vegetable Quality and Safety Based on Internet of Things” for the achievements in Sci-technology innovation; the third prize winner was CHENG Xiang team’s “Research into and Application of Key Technology and Micro-precisionMilling Equipment and  for High-Precision with Micro-Geometric Features” for the achievements in Sci-technology innovation.

These awards for SDUT fully reflect the university’s sci-technology innovation ability and disciplinary advantages. The award-winning areas cover not only the applied disciplines, among others, Transportation (newenergy), Machinery, Chemical Engineering, Energy, and Agronomy, but also basic research in Mathematics, makingseveral breakthroughs in these fields. Moreover, the award-winning achievements also include some of the Province’s “Top Ten Industries,”such as New Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, and Green Chemical Engineering. To be sure, the promotion and application of these achievements would greatly contribute to the development of related industries.

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