SDUT students achieved greatly in Chinese University Computer Contest


On April 8th, 2019, the Organizing Committee of Tianti Section of Team Programming of the 4th China University Computer Contest announced the winners of this competition. SDUT ranked 7th in the national contest with the total score of 4,896, and in the Peak Contesting Group, SDUT team had competed with teams from Peking University, Zhejiang University, China University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology, and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and shared the first prize with these five national universities and achieved great results in this event.

Tianti Section of Group Programming of the Chinese University Computer Contest is jointly sponsored by Computer Science Teaching Steering Committee, the Software Engineering Teaching Steering Committee, the University Computer Course Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education and the National Higher Education Computer Education Research Association. It is the first of this kind in China, which adopted the program competition of individual competition and team scoring mode, with larger amount of examination items and more difficult topics.

A total of 7,750 players from 775 teams of 284 colleges and universities across the country participated in this competition. In the competition, a team of 10 people would be formed. Each team member would complete their respective task independently. The winning team members would be awarded the competition team award. The three teams with the highest score in one school would be awarded the college award. SDUT selected 8 teams to participate in the competition. In addition to winning the national first prize, the top three teams won the first prize of the national team and two second prized with 1 team score of 1,739, 1,710 and 1,447. In Shandong Province, SDUT, with the highest score of colleges and universities, won the special prize and 2 special team awards among universities from Shandong province. Among the other 5 teams, 2 teams scored more than the national team's third prize, and 1 team exceeded the Shandong team's third prize.

So far, Tianti Section of Group Programming of Chinese University Computer Contest had been held for four consecutive sessions. In the first competition held in the year 2016, SDUT won the sixth place in the country. Starting from the second session in 2017, the competition had been divided into the Peak PK Group (Key University Group), the Huashan PK Group (Ordinary University Group), and the Canghai Jingzhou PK Group (Higher Vocational College) according to the school level. In the following two competitions, SDUT Teams won the 7th and 14th among the Peak PK Group in the National Finals. The successive excellent achievements have fully demonstrated the teachingcompacity of SDUT and the effect of combining program design, data structure and related course teaching reform with ACM innovation training, which has greatly improved students' practical ability and innovation ability.

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