SDUT defines key tasks of “Responsibility Delivering and Work Implementation”


To make sure that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions for Shandong and decisions of the Party Central Committee take root in practical work, and implement the province’s requirements of “Responsibility Delivering and Work Implementing”, the SDUT party committee office and the President’s office issued the Implementation Plan on the Key Tasks of “Responsibility Delivering and Work Implementing” (referred to as the “Plan”), calling on the staff to take respomsibility and work with a clear orientation and work style. All departments and units of SDUT are required to implement the Plan earnestly.

In accordance with the requirements of the Implementation Plan on the Key Tasks of “Responsibility Delivering and Work Implementing in Shandong Province, combined with the 2019 work to strengthen the implementation of the year’s objectives and tasks, SDUT has deployed various reductions in the meetings and documents, cleanup specification for briefings and report materials, improve commendation incentives and demonstration mechanisms, establish work mechanism, strengthen and improve work research, carry out “the targeted standard” activities, improve school performance evaluation system, improve supervision and monitor work mechanism, encourage cadres to act with full responsibility, innovate open supervision mechanism, highlight strict discipline and implementation, and clarify each key task for the main responsible units.

To make sure that all tasks are to be thoroughly implemented , the Program requires: First, we must strengthen the organization and leadership. The Secretary of the school party committee and the President are responsible for the overall responsibility. The leaders each departments and working unit are responsible for the special tasks accordingly. Second, the party committee (President) office is responsible for the overall coordination and organization of the key tasks; the responsible units should clarify the “timetable” and “road map” for their respective key tasks, and take solid and effective measures to ensure the remarkable results by the end of 2019. Third, we must strengthen the establishment of regulations and establish systems. To solve the problem, we will not only take the “immediate reform measures, but also improve the long-term standing mechanism, and provide institutional and mechanism guarantees for the implementation of the Plan. Fourth, we must strengthen supervision and inspection, by way of specific supervision and time-mode supervision, follow-up investigations, and on-campus inspections, so as to investigate and check the implementation of key tasks.

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