May Fourth Movement remembered 100 years on Awarding Ceremony held in SDUT in recognition of the work by the Communist Youth League


On the afternoon of May 9, SDUT held a grand ceremony in the lecture hall of Building No. 3, to mark the centenary of the May Fourth Movement and to commend the work by the university’s Communist Youth League. Those who attended the ceremony included the school’s Vice President Zhang Xiangyun, also the CPC Standing Committee Member of SDUT, the section chiefs concerned, Members of General Branch of the Communist Youth League from relevant Schools, student representatives of the SDUT Communist Youth League, and the individuals and groups that would receive the awards.

The chief from SDUT Youth League Committee read out the document entitled “2019 Resolution to Award ‘Red Flag League Branch,’‘Excellent League Pacesetters,’‘Excellent League Branch,’‘Excellent League Cadres’and‘Excellent League Members’”.The leaders at the meeting presented the awards to the individuals and groups respectively. Liu Bowen, National Outstanding Member of the Communist Youth League, made a speech as a representative of the Youth League.

On behalf of the Party Committee of SDUT, Zhang Xiangyun congratulated the awarded individuals and groups on their results. In his speech, Zhang spoke of the May Fourth glory over the past 100 years, gave full credit to the achievements of League Branches at all levels in 2018. And in light of future work, he put forward three requirements.

First, Zhang stressed efforts to deepen studies of the thoughts by President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, and to carry on with the spirits of the May Fourth Movement. He also required the league Branches at all levels to strengthen studies of the Communist Youth League in light of the construction and development of SDUT.

Second, Zhang also stressed the needs to bear in mind the mission of the time and to forge ahead in a new era as a man of great character. He encouraged each of the League members to study hard, to become a man of good character, and to contribute to the construction, reforms and development of the country.

Third, Zhang emphasized efforts to acquire knowledge, develop necessary abilities, and serve the society in a new era. He hoped that young people could acquire knowledge, skills and abilities that would enable them to take the responsibility for serving the school and the society.   

The meeting ended with impassioned, lusty singing, the League song.

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