SDUT Vice President Liu Guohua heads a delegation of 3 to Austrian, German universities and research institutes


SDUT Vice President Liu Guohua, also CPC Standing Committee Member of SDUT, headed a delegation of 3 to several Austrian and German universities and research institutes in hope of recruiting overseas personnel from April 22 to April 29.

During the visit to Austria, SDUT officially set up its first establishment of overseas personnel recruitment with the help of the alumni in Austria. Liu Guohua and his party exchanged ideas with the delegates, publicized information on and policies of personnel demand of high-level overseas personnel, and held talks with some representatives with doctoral degrees.  

During the visit to 3 universities and 1 scientific research institute in Germany, the delegation held talks with three Academicians of the German National Academy of Science and Engineering, and organized special job fairs for overseas talents. 

In Technische Universit?t Berlin, the delegation had a talk with Professor Berente, Member of the German National Academy of Sciences and Engineering and of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and reached an agreement on the joint establishment of research platforms, the introduction of overseas talents, the joint training of postgraduates, the joint declaration of Sino-German research projects, and the exchanges and visits among young scholars in both countries.

In Universit?t Bremen and Das Leibniz-Institut für Festk?rper-und Werkstoffforschung Dresden (IFW-Dresden), the two sides reached a tentative agreement on jointly establishing an international research cooperation platform. With the aid of All-China Students’ Federation of the University of Bremen, the delegation had a discussion with some doctoral representatives and heads of the Federation, and publicized information on and policies of personnel demand of high-level overseas personnel. After the discussion, both sides agreed to  publicize SDUT’s recruitment policies through the network and platform of the Federation.

In Universit?t?Würzburg, SDUT delegation held a special job fair for overseas talents. Liu Guohua introduced SDUT, including its history and development, its discipline advantages, its strategy of “prioritizing talents,” and the provincial policy of personnel attraction, and then he expressed his sincere hope that young people with Ph.D degrees could work at SDUT for mutual development. Over 30 Ph.D and postdoctoral students from Universit?t Würzburg and Universit?t of G?ttingen participated in the job fair. The delegation also exchanged views with the president of All-China Students’ Federation of the University. The president said he would further publicize the recruitment policies of overseas talents of Shandong University of Technology and of Shandong Province through the Students’ Federation of Universities in Germany, so as to mobilize more overseas talents to return to China for future development.

It is reported that SDUT’s initiative of overseas personnel recruitment has been included in the project of the personnel recruitment of “Qilu Treaty 2019,” and that the overseas high-level personnel recruited during the visit will get more support provided by the corresponding policy of Shandong Province.

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