SDUT Awarded the Provincial Advanced Unit for Talent Work by the Party Committee and People’s Government of Shandong Province


Recently, Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Shandong Provincial People’s Government jointly issued a document commending “Advanced Units for Talent Work in Shandong Province”, and gave a report to praise these advanced units for talent work in 50 cities, counties, universities, research institutes, hospitals and enterprises of Shandong province. SDUT was among them and was awarded one of the medals issued by Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Shandong Provincial People’s Government, which is the second time for SDUT to get this medal 8 years later.

This time, only four universities in Shandong province were rated as “Advanced Units for Talents in Shandong Province”. In addition to SDUT, the other three were Shandong Normal University, Qingdao University and Shandong University of Science and Technology.

In 2018, Shandong University of Technology insisted on talents introducing and fostering at the same time, optimizing methods of introducing talents, broadening the channels for introducing talents, improving the working mechanism, strengthening its supervision and implementation, which had achieved new breakthroughs in talent work. In the year of 2018, Shandong University of Technology had introduced 7 national talents including Prof. ZHENG Hongyu and also had introduced and fostered 13 provincial and ministerial-level talents, and the provincial talent project “special double-hundred-plan” fulfilled its breakthrough. Professor LAN Yubin was elected as a member of the French Academy of European Sciences, Arts and Humanities. SDUT had strengthened the cultivation of high-level talents and teams, and the New Polyurethane Materials Research Institute was awarded the title of “Professional Entrepreneurship Team of the Province”. Besides, 2 people were awarded the titles of young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province; 3 were selected as young experts of Taishan Scholars; 1 was awarded Shandong Province Social Science Outstanding Contribution Award; 1 was selected for the Shandong Provincial Youth Science and Technology Talents Entrustment Project; 1 was selected for the “100-Talent-Project” of Shandong Province. SDUT had increased the introduction of young doctorates and introduced 123 outstanding doctorates. SDUT had deeply implemented the “Double Hundred Projects” and made the selection of the second batch of 61 candidates. SDUT had also made in-depth implementation of the program of visiting scholars for young and middle-aged teachers at home and abroad, and the addition of 62 training personnel for their oversea studies. SDUT had strengthened the construction of post-doctoral research stations, had recruited 11 post-doctors and a full-time non-Chinese foreign postdoctoral fellow for the first time. Besides, 7 of them were funded by the Postdoctoral Science Foundation. SDUT had adhered to two “not-give-up” measures to deepen the post employment reform, and introduce the new methods of teacher's post task and assessment management, and successfully complete the second round of expiration assessment of post employment and the third round of post employment. SDUT had strengthened the construction of a talent exchange platform and successfully hosted the 7th Taishan Scholars’ Thematic Salon in Shandong Province. 

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