SDUT Eighth Undergraduate Teaching Conference Held


The campus in early summer is full of vitality. On the morning of May 25th, 2019, SDUT holds the Eighth Undergraduate Teaching Conference in the lecture hall of No.3 Teaching Building. At the conference, school leaders sum up the education and teaching work since the Seventh Undergraduate Teaching Conference, and analyze the current situation and existing problems. The undergraduate education and teaching work in the coming years is arranged and deployed.

School leaders LV Chuanyi, ZHANG Tiezhu, YI Yuchen, HU Xingyu, ZHANG Xiangyun, WANG Libin and WEI Xiuting attend the meeting, together with all middle-level cadres, undergraduate teaching supervisors, directors of teaching (scientific research) affair offices, directors of student affair offices, department (teaching and research section) directors, teacher representatives and student representatives.

The theme of this meeting is to: adhere to undergraduate teaching as fundamental base, promote Four-return education, building first-class undergraduate education, and training high-quality “Five-talent” program.

ZHANG Xiangyun, member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT, announces the Decision on Recognition of Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals for Undergraduate Teaching Work in 2017-2018. The school leaders awards honorary certificates to the collectives and individuals.

Entrusted by the school party committee and the administration, WEI Xiuting, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT, deliveres the work report, which has systematically summarized the undergraduate education and teaching work since the seventh teaching conference and analyzed the new situation of the school education and teaching work. New era brings about new requirements, the State and Shandong Province have successively launched the “double-first-class” construction strategy in colleges and universities, and the new development of the school career has entered a new stage. Meanwhile, school leaders are also well aware of the problems in the existing education and teaching work that SDUT faces.

The report offers a comprehensive deployment of the undergraduate education and teaching work in the next period, and puts forward the guiding ideology and working concept for future work: Guided by XI Jinping's New Era Socialism with Chinese characteristics, SDUT would thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Undergraduate Education Work Conference of the New Era, adhere to the direction of socialist education, comprehensively implement the party's educational policy, and adhere to the fundamental tasks of morality education. SDUT would assure the status of the talent cultivation center, consciously follow the law of education and teaching, further improve the teaching conditions, strengthen the connotation of constructing undergraduate majors, and cultivate “five-talent with high quality. The proposed main measures to promote SDUT education and teaching work lie in the following six aspects: to strongly strengthen the characteristics and specialties of education; to vigorously probe into the construction of high-quality curriculum resources; to fully stimulate students' interest and potentialities in learning; to comprehensively enhance teachers' ability to teach and educate students; to build a long-term mechanism for deep integration of collaborative education; and to improve the construction of teaching quality assurance system.

The personage from the Academic Affairs Office further explaine the report. At the meeting, the representatives exchange their experience in teaching. Representatives from the advanced schools for talent cultivating or talent training reform, representatives of teaching team construction, and representatives of young teachers share and introduce their work experience and practice respectively.

Participants participate in group discussion and voice their opinions and suggestions concerning the report, the Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Higher Education in Shandong Province in the New Era issued by the provincial government and the relevant documents and regulations of the school.

ZHANG Tiezhu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of the SDUT, points out in his speech that undergraduate education is the foundation of higher education and the foundation of SDUT development and undergraduate teaching is the central work of undergraduate education. At present, the talent training work of colleges and universities has entered the period of the upgrading quality, the overtaking period and the period of confronting with problems in reform and innovation. Faced with the new situation and new tasks, the whole school should fully understand the importance of strengthening the undergraduate teaching work, and earnestly make the undergraduate teaching work better and stronger.

As to how to scientifically and effectively promote the undergraduate teaching work to a new level,ZHANG Tiezhu puts forward the following “five-one requirements: It is necessary to firmly grasp the core of personnel training; to firmly hold discipline and specialty construction as the leading position in discipline construction; to fully build classroom teaching as the main channel, to actively expand the new path of internationalization; and to effectively build a set of coupling cooperative working mechanism of teaching elements.

To conclude the conference, Party Secretary, LV Chuanyi calls on all to implement the spirit of this conference, build a first-class undergraduate education, and cultivate high-quality “five-talent” from the following two aspects:

Firstly, the status of teaching as the center must be firmly established, and we must closely follow the “Five-talent training goals, and fully strive to build the first-class undergraduate education. Teaching work is the core of undergraduate education. It is necessary to take the quality and effect of the “five-talent as the fundamental standard for testing all the work of the school. It is necessary to work hard to implement the fundamental tasks of cultivating people, work hard to speed up the construction of its connotation, and work hard to strengthen the ability of teachers.

Secondly, we must pay close attention to the implementation of the spirit of the conference and promote the formation of a joint first-class undergraduate education. All departments, units, and colleges should further convey the spirit of the conference, further strengthen the overall planning, goal refinement, and step-by-step advancement, further refine the work responsibilities, comprehensively improve the teaching level of undergraduate education and the quality of the “five-talent” training and accelerate the construction of first-class undergraduate education.

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