SDUT listed the first time in the Chinese government “Silk Road” Scholarship program


According to the Notice on theProgram Quota of Chinese Government “Postgraduate Program” and“Silk Road” Scholarship for Universities and Colleges (2019-2020)(No.1441, Jiaowaisiliu[2019]) released recently by the Department of International Cooperation & Exchanges of Ministry of Education, the program applied by SDUT is in the list and wins the quota for Doctoral International Students majoring in Agricultural Engineering from countries along the “Belt and Road”. SDUT is granted 3 members each year, and this is the first scholarship of this kind that SDUT has ever won, which marks a significant breakthrough in international students enrollment and cultivation. 

The Chinese government “Silk Road” Scholarship, established to facilitate the Vision and Proposed Action Outlined on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21-Century Maritime Silk Road andthe Education Action to Promote Jointly Building the “Belt and Road”, aims to help countries along the “Belt and Road” to cultivate leadership talents in different areas. The program is to carried out by abiding by the principle of “Precise Supply and Win-win Strategy”, with its focus on the cultivation of talents in such fields as high-tech, primary energy, modern service, and policy and finance.

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