Demonstration and Seminar on Ecological Unmanned Farm Technology Integration were Held


The demonstration included unmanned harvesters and planters, tractors harvesting wheat in fields, doing plant protection and sowing corn; Remote sensing UAV flying high to collect data; Plant protection UAV spraying pesticides to eliminate pests and diseases. Meanwhile, the staff could check the returned data and grasp the dynamic information at any time in the charge center. On June 11th, the technology integration demonstration and seminar of ecological unmanned farm of our school were held in the unmanned farm of Wellhope Seed Industry in Zhutai Town, Linzi District, which fully demonstrated the research and development achievements of ecological unmanned farm of our school.

The distinguished attendees to the opening ceremony included Lv Chuanyi, President of SDUT; Wang Kejie, deputy mayor of Zibo; Wang Xiliang, deputy secretary-general of Zibo Municipal Government; Yi Weiming, member of standing committee of the university party committee and vice president; Du Ruicheng, former vice president; Bai Pinghe, deputy secretary and governor of Linzi District; Wang Wentao, deputy head of Shandong Seed Station; Liu Cunhui, deputy head of Shandong Plant Protection Station; Zhang Jieyun, deputy head of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station etc. Besides, more than 200 people took part in the opening ceremony, including heads of departments concerned from Zibo City and our school, entrepreneurs, experts and teachers and students. Prof. Lan Yubin, special assistant to the President of the school, and dean of School of Agricultural Engineering and Food Sciences presided over the ceremony. 

Mr. Lv, President of SDUT, delivered a warm speech on behalf of more than 40 thousand faculty and students, to welcome all the leaders, experts and scholars, as well as express our sincere gratitude the higher authorities, Zibo City and Linzi District for their long-term care and support for the school.

He pointed out that in recent years, the school has paid close attention to needs of the economic and social development, and actively devoted itself to the rural revitalization strategy, contributing wisdom and strength to the part with Zibo characteristics in the Qilu model of rural revitalization. As a traditional dominant discipline of the school, agricultural engineering has formed distinct and characteristic advantages in intelligent agricultural machinery, precision agricultural aviation technology and equipment, mechanized dry farming agricultural technology and other aspects. The construction of ecological unmanned farms is not only of great significance to the development of agricultural engineering in Shandong province, but also will exert positive influence on the implementation of rural revitalization strategy in Shandong province and the conversion of old and new driving forces. 

He also said that with the strong support of the superior competent department, Zibo city and all walks of life, ecological unmanned farm will surely become an internationally renowned demonstration and extension base of intelligent agriculture and intelligent agricultural machinery, and strive to apply science and technology fully to agricultural modernization, and make due contributions to the economic and social innovation and development of Shandong province and Zibo city.

After watching the short video about ecological unmanned farm, Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Kejie, Bai Heping, Lan Yubin and Zhang jieyun manually pressed the button to jointly start the integrated operation demonstration.

On the spot, the participants watched the demonstration of unmanned driving for wheat harvest, unmanned ground plant protection, unmanned driving for corn sowing, remote sensing UAV, plant protection UAV, wheat sowing and straw processing. Then, they watched the demonstration of operation effect at the charge center, and visited recycling farm of Wellhope Seed Industry. 

After the demonstration, the experts and scholars attended the seminar held in the meeting room in Zhutai Town Government. Liu Enhui, deputy district chief of Linzi District, congratulated on the successful demonstration of ecological unmanned farm technology integration and expressed his thanks for the implementation of this project in Linzi District. He said, ecological unmanned farm project has played a great role in promoting the development of modern agriculture in Linzi District, thus they will fully support the construction of this farm.

In his welcome speech, Prof. Lan Yubin gave a detailed introduction to the ultimate planning of the ecological unmanned farm. Prof. Zhang Yanfei, a member of our school's ecological unmanned farm team, expounded on the construction plan of ecological unmanned farm. Team members made technical reports on ecological fertile soil, intelligent cloud platform, precision agriculture aviation, unmanned driving, etc., and experts and scholars participated in the discussion. 

The project of ecological unmanned farm was proposed by Prof. Lan Yubin in May, 2017. It is co-constructed by Wellhope Seed Industry and our school. After more than two years of efforts, it has become a demonstration and promotion base integrating biological prevention and control, green plant protection, UAV, agricultural robot, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other high and new technologies.

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