SDUT holds graduation ceremony to bid farewell to the 2019 graduates


Summer season sees the Chinese Glossy Privet in full blossom and hears the farewell songs of a resounding voice and deep love. On the morning of June 21st, 2019, SDUT holds a grand graduation ceremony in the square before Hongyuan Building to congratulate the 2019 graduates on the successful completion of their studies. The graduates set sail to a broader world to write a new chapter in their life.

Presented at the ceremony are university leaders, including Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Tiezhu, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, Wei Xiuting, Zha Yuxi, Yi Weiming, Zhang Jinsheng, and heads of the academic schools, deputy secretary of the General Branch of CCP in charge of student work, counselors, teacher and parent representatives and all 2019 graduates. The ceremony is presided over by Zhang Xiangyun, vice president of SDUT and member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee.

Before the ceremony, students of the School of Music sing a chorus Dream Stars and perform a dance Farewell to express their good wishes.

In the majestic national anthem, the ceremony begins.

Wei Xiuting, vice president, vice chairman of the Committee for the Conferment of Academic Degrees and member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee, delivers the Decision on Granting Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees for 2019 Graduates. Liu Guohua, vice president and member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee, delivers the Notice on Honoring Outstanding Graduates in 2019. Hu Xingyu, deputy secretary of the School Party Committee, delivers the Notice on the Recognition of the Best Teachers in Students’ Eyes in 2019.

University leaders award certificates to graduate representatives, outstanding graduate representatives, and teachers with the honorary title of Best Teachers in Students’ Eyes in 2019.

With the song of Grateful Heart, the graduate representatives present flowers to 24 faculty and staff members, expressing thankfulness to them for their instruction.

Liu Qian, a graduate from Business School, delivers a speech on behalf of all 2019 graduates. She recalls her study in SDUT and expresses her deep respect and gratitude to all the leaders, faculty and staff of SDUT. She says that alumni represent their alma mater, and she would always remember the university motto of Integrity, Learning, Commitment and Perfection, and she would not be afraid of any difficulties and forge ahead on the new path.

Yan Tenghua, a graduate from School of International Education, deliveres a speech on behalf of foreign students. He expresses his deep gratitude to the leaders and teachers for their careful guidance and to his classmates and Chinese friends for their help and encouragement. He observes that he would spare no effort to introduce excellent Chinese culture to his Russian students and friends, be glad to be a bridge between Chinese and Russian culture, and contribute to the friendship between the two countries.

Yue Song, a teacher from School of Marxism, deliveres a speech on behalf of teachers. He encourages graduates to establish ideals and beliefs and have responsibility. He says that there is difference in ability but no difference in patriotism, and jobs are different but persistence is the same. Graduates of SDUT should bravely bear the responsibility of the new era in every corner where the motherland needs most and make great contributions.

Zhang Tiezhu, president and chairman of the Committee for the Conferment of Academic Degrees and deputy secretary of the School Party Committee, deliveres a speech entitled Strive for a Colorful Youth. On behalf of the faculty and staff, he expresses warm congratulations and best wishes to all graduates. He also expresses his high respect to the faculty and staff, parents, and friends from all walks of life who have devoted a lot of painstaking efforts to the graduates.

Zhang Tiezhu says that this graduation ceremony remindes him of Pushkin’s poem “everything in the past will become our cordial nostalgia”. He pointes out that the 2019 graduates consciously follow the “Five-Talent” standard, develope in an all-round way, gain full harvest, and write the song of youth with the great power of youth while pursuing studies in SDUT. He also observes that SDUT has made great progress together with her students and all students have witnessed the remarkable achievements of SDUT. He expresses his heartfelt thanks to all the students who have helped the development of SDUT.

As the 2019 graduates set off, Zhang Tiezhu put forward three ardent hopes for everyone. First, it is necessary to set up the will to serve the country. Patriotism is the deepest and most lasting emotion in the world, and the source of morality and meritorious service. One can have firm life aims and lasting youthful power only when he is patriotic. It is hoped that students should always have a sense of patriotism and practice it, and inject vigorous youthful power into Chinese Dream which realizes the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, with vigor and ambition, mission and responsibility, and ideals and beliefs.

Second, it is hoped that students should always maintain the hard-working spirit. No hard work, no youth. Hard work is the most distinctive symbol and brightest background of youth. There is no shortcut in growth, and only in continuous learning and practice can students become pillars of the society who are of great use and bear important tasks. College education makes students civilized and successful. Zhang hopes that students should always be positive, believe the power of hard work, and then have a vigorous youth and a promising future.

Third, graduates should always bear in mind that they are SDUT alumni. Alumni are the name card of a university that represents the quality of talent training and is also valuable resource for the development of the university. A series of achievements of a university is closely related to the strong support and generous sponsorship of its alumni. “Where the alumni are, where SDUT is”, each and every alumnus can be the best name card of SDUT. The friendship between the alumni and SDUT will become deeper and deeper as time goes on. SDUT will be always there no matter what difficulties its alumni encounter in the future. SDUT will be always there and wait for the voice of each and every alumnus.

Zhang Tiezhu concludes that youth is composed of hard work. He hopes that the graduates should make contributions to national rejuvenation and development with hard work, and youth would bloom with hard work.

In the university song You and Me that everyone sing together, the graduation ceremony comes to an end.

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