SDUT Undertook the 7th International Conference of Precision Agricultural Aviation


On June 20 to 22, the 7th International Conference of Precision Agricultural Aviation and the 2019 World Conference on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Nearly 200 experts and scholars and well-known enterprise representatives from more than a dozen countries such as China, the United States, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey, India, the Netherlands and Thailand attended the meeting. 

This conference aims to promote academic exchanges in the field of agricultural aviation at home and abroad, and improve the research and application level of precision agricultural aviation. This conference is sponsored by the International Society of Precision Agricultural Aviation and CIGR Precision Agricultural Aviation working committee, undertaken by our university, South China Agricultural University, International Joint Research Center for Precision Agricultural Aviation Application Technology of China, Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, and Shenzhen High-tech New Agricultural Technology co. LTD, co-sponsored by China Association for International Cooperation in Science and Technology, National Innovation Alliance on Aviation Plant Protection Science and Technology, etc.

Prof. Lan Yubin, academician of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Special assistant to the President of SDUT, and dean of the college of Agricultural Engineering and Food Sciences, delivered a speech, introducing the development of precision agricultural aviation technology in recent years. 

Experts and scholars at the meeting shared academic views on the application and optimization of UAV for pesticide spray and in pest detection, the application of remote sensing technology in agricultural resources management, and the establishment of technical standards for UAV for plant protection. During the forum on the development of precision agricultural aviation, representatives of well-known plant protection UAV enterprises at home and abroad, such as Shenzhen High-tech New Agriculture, Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co.Ltd, FMC, Sensefly from Switzerland, Shenzhen Huaya Technology and Teejet, expressed their opinions on the development status of precision agriculture at home and abroad and the bottleneck of plant protection UAV.

At this conference, famous experts and scholars from home and abroad made more than 30 academic reports, sharing the latest information and research results of application in the field of precision agricultural aviation. 

Since 2008, the seminar on the application technology of International Precision Agricultural Aviation has been successfully held for 6 times. Among them, the first three were held in the agricultural aviation technology research center of the United States Department of Agriculture, the fourth and fifth were held in South China agricultural university in Guangzhou, and the sixth was held in Shenzhen.

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