SDUT holds signing ceremony to jointly build School of Data Science with Shandong CTRL Group Co., Ltd


In the morning of July 8th, SDUT and Shandong CTRL Group Co., Ltd. held the strategic signing ceremony in the conference room on the 9th floor of Hongyuan Building of SDUT to start the course of jointly building the School of Data Science. Present at the ceremony are LV Chuanyi, Party Secretary of SDUT; ZHANG Tiezhu, President and Deputy Party Secretary of SDUT; WANG Libin and WEI Xiuting, Vice-president and member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee; ZHOU Bohu, Board Chairman of Shandong CTRL Group and an alumnus of SDUT; LIU Shengnan, President of Shandong CTRL Group. WANG Libin presided over the ceremony.

At the ceremony, LV Chuanyi and ZHOU bohu unveiled the plaque for the School of Data Science of SDUT together.

ZHANG Tiezhu delivered a speech, extending warm welcome and heart-felt thanks to guests from Shandong CTRL Group for their concern and support. In the speech, ZHANG pointed out that as data science is now the frontier technology which leads the social development, talents in this field are most urgently needed. In order to better serve the state’s strategy, meet the industry demand, and gear talent cultivation to the future development, it is of great necessity for SDUT to take the initiative to set up and develop a number of newly merging engineering programs, and to push forward innovation of existing engineering majors, which poses a new but challenging opportunity for SDUT. Therefore, SDUT joins effort with the renowned entreprise to set up the School of Data Science on the basis of School of Computer Science and Technology, hoping to make the best of the resources in the university, enterprise and the society so as to meet social and market demand by way of innovating talent cultivation mode, nurturing more versatile and practical talents of high quality, which will provide the data science industry innovation with better personnel support.

President ZHANG Tiezhu said that School of Data Science was established by the joint effort of SDUT, Shandong CTRL Group and QST, with SDUT as the educational body and CTRL Group as the cooperative body. Dean responsibility system under the leadership of the Council and Council in-charge-of programs system are adopted as the running and administrative mode of this school. He hoped that the joint effort from all sides will set an ideal model for the integration of teaching and research and contribute to the economic and social innovative development of Shandong province.

ZHOU Bohu said in his speech that it was a great honor, a challenge and also a responsibility for his Group and himself to jointly build the School of Data Science. It is an honor for it embodies the recognition and favor of CTRL Group from SDUT, and shows the concern and care for the alumnus from Alma Mater; It is a challenge for the establishment of Data Science School assumes the mission of the innovative development of SDUT and CTRL Group, which is a great pressure for him and his Group; As a responsibility, CTRL Group will try her best to live up to the hope of SDUT and carry out her share in the mission. He wished the School of Data Science, under the joint effort from all sides, a fruitful and brilliant future.

WEI Xiuting and LIU Shengnan signed the Cooperation Agreement on behalf of the two sides.

WANG Libin declared the first Session of the Council of the Data Science School, with WEI Xiuting as the Chairman of the Board, ZHOU Bohu and ZHANG Zhaolu as the Vice Chairmen.

Attending the ceremony are also directors from the Party Committee (President) Office, Development and Planning Department, Teaching Affairs Department, Alumini Office, and School of Computer Science and Technology, and vice-president and manager-in-general from CTRL Group.

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