Meeting held to sum up the first half year work and deploy the work for summer vacation


In the morning of July 12th, SDUT held a meeting in the lecture hall of No. 3 building to sum up the work accomplished in the first half of 2019, deploy the work for this summer vacation, and raised specific requirements for the work of next phase.

School leaders, LV Chuanyi, ZHANG Tiezhu, YI Yuchen, HU Xingyu, LIU Guohua, ZHANG Xiangyun, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, ZHA Yuxi, YI Weiming and ZHANG Jinsheng attended the meeting, together with all the middle-level cadres, members of the academic committee, directors and deputy directors of professor committee. Party Secretary LV Chuanyi chaired the meeting.

ZHANG Tiezhu, President and deputy Party Secretary of SDUT summed up the work done in the first half year of 2019, and deployed the work for this summer vacation on behalf of the School Party Committee and Administration.

ZHANG Tiezhu said that adhering closely to the requirements of SDUT to enforce the work in every aspect, all the departments, units and schools, aiming at accomplishing the annual key tasks and the mission of “One Spirit” and “One Planning”, made clear their tasks, worked cooperatively, took initiative to reinforce their work, and had accomplished greatly in every aspect in the first half of 2019. As SDUT was graded Excellence in the provincial assessment of universities and colleges, her prestige was ever increasing, and her social contribution was increasingly larger. Then, he summed up the achievements and highlights accomplished in the first half of 2019 from the seven aspects: talents team cultivation, discipline construction, teaching and education, scientific research and social service, Party work and ideological education, student affairs, and logistic service. ZHANG then deployed the work for this summer vacation, saying that this was a key phase to push forward the work and readjust the blueprint in accordance with the mission and tasks listed at the beginning of this year, and the work in the following 8 aspects were most important:

Firstly, program and discipline construction needs being elevated; Secondly, scientific research and social service deserve all our attention; Thirdly, provincial-bureau co-construction work should be effectively pushed forward; Fourthly, teaching and education related work should be steadily carried out; Fifthly, student enrollment needs better and more solemn attitude; Sixthly, school administration by law needs promoting; Seventhly, student affairs in the summer vacation should be carried out wholeheartedly; Eighthly, campus life should be well maintained and managed.

LV Chuanyi addressed the meeting and reviewed the reinforcement and implementation work of the first half of 2019 from deepening the understanding, strengthening the arrangement and taking effective measures. He said that:

In deepening the understanding, first, we enhanced the study of theories to unify our knowledge and ideology, which laid solid foundation for the implementation in every aspect of the study of XI Jinping’s New Era Socialism of Chinese Characteristics, comprehension of the spirit of the Party Central Committee, requirements of Shandong Provincial and the School Party Committee; second, the discussion of “My Contribution to SDUT’s Grand Development” was effectively promoted, which helped the staff better understand their work and had thus far achieved greatly; and third, media and publicity work was strengthened, which had soundly achieved the effect of “clarifying the objects, establishing confidence, boosting spirit, seeking path and pooling efforts”.

In strengthening the arrangement, first, every department, unit and school centered around the major work and mission of our university, and had accomplished greatly in social science projects, student management and other fields, by way of strengthening the arrangement, pursuing not only the overt target but also the quality of development; second, SDUT set up 12 experts groups, which, centering around the major tasks, designed the task list for all departments, units and schools, taking into consideration of specific obligation, detailed division and solid responsibility. All these guaranteed the orderly advancement of the general work and specific projects, such as the establishment of Data Science School and provision for the aged staff.

In taking effective measures, all departments, units and schools adopted scientific methods and measures that work well, and management sections reinforced inspections and supervision, all of which ensured the effectiveness of the work.

With regards to the work in summer vacation and the next period, LV Chuanyi emphasized the effort in the following 3 aspects.

Firstly, to take pains in research and investigation. Everyone of us are expected to make full use of this summer vacation to carry out related researches and investigations in relation to study and work. Concerning studies, political theories study comes first, and we should strengthen the study of policies and knowledge related to our work, and learn more about the disciplines, regulations and rules. Concerning research and investigation, we should be target-guided and question-oriented and to carry out related researches and investigations focusing on the key, difficult and vital issues so as to find efficient and feasible ways to solve the problems.

Secondly, to concentrate our effort on talent cultivation. Although we have done a good job in talents cultivation in the first half of 2019, the task that confronts us is still tough. And we all have to devote more effort in bringing in personnel needed, and we must be considerate enough to make the talents feel at home with us and prefer to stay in and work for SDUT.

Thirdly, to win over more resources and support to run the school well. Presently, the development of SDUT is still greatly restrained by the resources problem, therefore, everyone of us must increase our sense and ability of winning over more resources. We have to find more ways to win resources from the society and to achieve resources sharing and win-win cooperation; we have to strive for significant platform resources so as to gain more favorable policies and funds, which will help us achieve new breakthroughs in “Double First-class” construction.

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