SDUT Achieved Historic Breakthrough in National Social Science Fund Project of 2019


In 2019, 20 projects of SDUT were approved, which tied for 66th in China, ranking 3rd of colleges and university in Shandong province.

Recently, the annual social science fund annual project and youth project evaluation results of 2019 were officially announced. 20 projects of our school were approved, including 2 key projects, 9 general projects, and 9 youth projects. Among the 722 projects in the country, the number of projects in our school tied for 66th (excluding the ranking of the western project, SDUT tied for 58th), and ranked 3rd in the colleges and universities in Shandong Province(tied for 2nd in the provincial colleges and universities), realizing the historic breakthrough of “quality” and “quantity”, which further manifested the good development trend of social science research work in our school.

The 20 projects approved this year cover 11 disciplines, among which 4 were library·information science and philology (including 1 key project), which tied for 2nd in the country; 3 were theoretical economics (including 1 key project), which tied for 8th in the country. In addition, 3 were management, 2 were applied economics and Chinese literature, and the history and construction of the community party of China, Marxist-Leninist·scientific socialism, law, archaeology, sociology, and Chinese history each had one.

From the view of the subject (school) category of the appointment of teachers' professional and technical posts, 7 are from the School of Management, 4 are from the School of Marxism, 3 are from the School of Economics(including 1 key project), 2 are from the Library and the School of Literature & Media Dissemination respectively, and 1 is from Lutai textile college andSchool of Laws respectively.

The National Social Science Fund Project, the highest level, the most authoritative and the most competitive project, is an important reflection of colleges and universities’ research strength in the field of philosophy and social science. In 2019, the National Social Science Fund Annual Project and the Youth Project continued to take moderate declaration with limits. Finally, 29,452 effective declarations were formally accepted, and the total number of projects approvals was 4,627, including 2,899 key projects (349 project approvals, with funding of 350,000 yuan), 20,698 general projects (3,185 project approvals with funding of 200,000 yuan) and 5,855 youth projects (1093 project approvals with funding of 200,000 yuan). The average project approval rate is 15.7%.

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