SDUT Held 2019 Summer Work Seminar


SDUT held a 2019 summer work seminar in a conference room on the second floor of the north building in Xingyuan Hotel on August 24th. The seminar was attended by SDUT leaders: LYU Chuanyi, ZHANG Tiezhu, YI Yuchen, HU Xingyu, LIU Guohua, ZHANG Xiangyun, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, ZHA Yuxi, YI Weiming, ZHANG Jinsheng and special assistant to the president, all cadres of middle level, committee members of the School Academic Commission and chairmen of the Professors Commission of each school.

ZHANG Tiezhu (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of SDUT) delivered a speech with a review of the work carried out in the summer of 2019 and made arrangements for the key work to be performed in the second half of 2019 from following 6 points.

Focus on further advancing the implementation of work and promoting high-quality connotative development, ZHANG Tiezhu stressed that, first, we should raise the awareness and concentrate on enhancing the inclusiveness of running school.  Respect and acceptance are the two most important driving factors to enhance inclusiveness. We should firmly build up the awareness that talent is the first resource, and construct a good situation in which everyone strives to become a talent, everyone can become a talent and everyone can make full use of their talents with great inclusiveness.

Second, we should seize opportunities and focus on the work of Four Integration, that is industry-education integration, school-city integration, military-civilian integration, international joint education and so on. Deepening the integration of production and education must accurately match the national major development strategy and the “Top Ten” industries in Shandong Province so as to contribute to the cultivation and growth of new momentum for the whole province. To strengthen the school-city integration, we need to improve the mechanism of target tracking, job assessment, service evaluation, etc. and strive for greater support from Zibo and other cities. The development of civil-military integration is a national strategy. We need to do a large amount of military-industry scientific research, and strive to make civil-military integration become a new growth point and breakthrough of our scientific research. The internationalization of education is the trend of the times. The relevant departments and schools should take the initiative to think and study, earnestly design and plan for international joint education, and make every effort to promote the process of internationalization of school education.

Third, we should maintain our determination and adhere to the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue. We should fix on the SDUT strategy of One Spirit and One Plan, pay attention to the key core indicators of the connotation of quality, efficiency and structure of the school, and work hard to improve the quality and strengthen the connotation for a long time. We should be fully confident, keep clear-headed and use dialectical thinking to vigorously promote high-quality connotative development.

Fourth, we should study the law and strive to promote institutional innovation. We should recognize the law fundamentally and follow it as the fundamental. We should put innovation to an important position, accelerate exploration and promote process reengineering, and constantly improve effective institutional innovation and supply capacity.

Soon afterwards, they watched the warning educational film together.

In the seminar, 11 departments such as Office of Recruitment & Employment, Graduate Studies' Office, Teaching Affairs' Office and the heads of 24 schools made exchanges and speeches, followed closely the SDUT strategy of One Spirit and One Plan and compared with the annual objectives and tasks, briefly introduced the situation of the completion of the first half of the work indicators, sorted out the unfinished indicators and tasks, pointed out the existing prominent questions, put forward the methods and measures to be adopted to promote high-quality development and accomplish the key work tasks in the second half of the year.

At last, LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, made a concluding speech.He pointed out that the seminar was time-intensive but rich in content; the exchanges and speeches of departments and schools were prepared carefully and adequately and went straight to the theme; the problem-searching was relatively accurate, and the measures were comparatively effective. The seminars achieved good results.

LYU Chuanyi briefly reviewed the progress of key work in summer vacation from the aspects of study and research, talent work, striving for school resources and so forth. Combining with his own learning and thinking, he analysed the current situation and tasks faced by higher education.

Regarding the current tasks of SDUT, LYU Chuanyi emphasized that we should maintain our strength and do our own things well. In accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the relevant requirements of the provincial party committee, we should focus on the eight development strategies implemented by Shandong Province, do researches, strive for resources and seek supports; earnestly study and implement the spirit of notice of some measures taken to deepen the construction of innovative provinces in Shandong province, and strive to fight for the construction of key universities, the establishment of first-class disciplines,the creation of innovative and entrepreneurial communities, the introduction of high-level innovative talents and so forth. We should carry out the spirit of the construction work conference of party secretary of the province's colleges and universities, summer school reading class of presidents and the party of the province's colleges and universities, combine the actual situation of school reform and development, plan and design in advance, refine the objectives and tasks, distribute the responsibility layer by layer, and do the relevant work in a solid and effective manner.

LYU Chuanyi put forward hopes and requirements for the new semester. First, we should further improve our ideological understanding. We should further enhance our understanding of the Talent Priority Strategy, of striving for school resources, of the safety and stability work, and of job responsibilities.

Second, we should further push on reform and innovation. We should timely implement the spirit of the relevant documents on deepening the comprehensive reform of China and Shandong Province, vigorously move on the reform of scientific research system, institutes as entities, education and teaching, personnel system and logistics management, etc. so as to release vitality and stimulate motivation.

Third, we should further accelerate the development of connotation. The development of connotation should focus on the quality. Efforts need to be made to improve education, teaching, scientific research, serving the society, cultural inheritance and innovation, and the quality of internationalized running schools, so as todo what need to be done and can be done best.

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