SDUT Opening Ceremony for Grade 2019 and the Military Training Mobilization Meeting Held


This golden fruitful autumn season witnessed the opening ceremony for Class 2019 and their military training mobilization meeting held by SDUT on the square in front of Hongyuan Building in the morning of September 2nd. More than 10,000 youthful and vigorous freshmen join Shandong University of Technology and set foot on the new journey of life.

School leaders presented at the opening ceremony are: LYU Chuanyi, ZHANG Tiezhu, YI Yuchen, HU Xingyu, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, ZHA Yuxi, YI Weiming, ZHANG Jinsheng, and standing Committee of Zibo Municipal Committee and commander of Zibo Military Division, Senior Colonel WANG Peiquan, and deputy political commissar of the People's Liberation Army of 71345, Lieutenant Colonel WANG Jinlei, and directors who are responsible for the school's relevant functional departments and heads of schools. The ceremony was presided over by ZHANG Xiangyun, member of the Standing Committee of SDUT Party Committee and Vice President.

The ceremony officially began in the grand and sonorous National Anthem after the solemn national-flag-raising ceremony.

On behalf of the staff members, students and workers of SDUT, ZHANG Tiezhu, deputy secretary of the school party committee and president of SDUT, expressed warm welcome to the arrival of the newcomers of Class 2019, and put forward three proposals to the new students on how to plan university life and harvest full:

Firstly, set goals early. A new starting point needs a new goal. A clear goal is the source of power to overcome difficulties and move forward resolutely in the journey of the dream. Only those who with lofty aspirations, ceaseless self-improvement and hard struggle can turn question marks into exclamation marks in the journey of life, and finally draw a satisfactory ending. I hope that students will integrate the nice youth with the development of the motherland, personal value with social dedication, and let the youth dreams fly in the great practice of realizing the Chinese dream and building a community of human destiny.

Secondly, be down-to-earth. In order to achieve the goal, students need to be down-to-earth in order to win in a stable pace. There is no shortcut in the way to study, which requires not only firm belief, but also unremitting effort. I hope that students will start with “Four Acceptance”, acceptance of school, acceptance of major, acceptance of courses and acceptance of teachers. Starting with each lesson, accumulate knowledge little by little, learn skills day by day, overcome difficulties one by one, and make new achievements with efforts step by step.

Thirdly, be strict with yourself. Self-discipline is the only way to be free. To be strict with self-discipline, the key is to learn self-management, to manage your own goal, thought, psychology, behavior, etc. and to grasp the initiative of study and life in your hands. I hope that students can make the growth coordinate systems, learning roadmaps, effect evaluation forms and life boundary frames in university according to your own goals and requirements of the school. Enrich minds with books, strengthen sagaciousness with thoughts and spend youth with struggle. When you graduate, you will not lose your original heart and live up to the good time in your prime.

WANG Jinlei put forward three requirements for all trainers in his speech: Firstly, as teachers, we should instruct students without reservation. According to the military training plan, we should teach all the newcomers what we have learned so that everyone can experience the army life and exercise themselves as much as possible. Secondly, as trainers, we should do our best. We should adhere to scientifically organize training, step by step, from easy to difficult, and teach students according to their aptitude. We should strengthen responsibility, carry out solid training, and strictly require students to make them fruitful. Thirdly, as managers, we should be strict with ourselves. We should always maintain a good image of ourselves and keep excellent style of work so as to achieve civilized management, humanistic management, courtesy to implement the relevant provisions of military training.

Professor ZHENG Hongyu, an internationally renowned scientist in the field of laser manufacturing, the special assistant to president, from the School of Mechanical Engineering spoke on behalf of all the teachers. FENG Jingyi, a graduate student of Class 2017 from the School of Marxist spoke on behalf of all the students. WANG Liqian, the women's singles and mixed doubles champions of the 2nd National Youth Games, an undergraduate from Class 2019 in the major of sports training spoke on behalf of all the freshmen. Xiaolong, a graduate student of Class 2019 in the School of Management from Kazakhstan, spoke on behalf of foreign freshmen.

The leaders on the rostrum wore the school emblem for the student representatives of Class 2019.

On behalf of SDUT, LYU Chuanyi, the party secretary of SDUT, granted the flag to the military training group.

All the newcomers solemnly made a pledge under the leadership of FENG Yuxuan, an undergraduate of Class 2019 from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: We would remember the historical mission, set up high ideals, practice the motto of Good Morality, Erudition, Devotion, Excellence and dare to assume the responsibility, innovation, knowledge-seeking, diligence in practice,strict on self-cultivation,and strive to be a five-have talent of the new era.

The ceremony ended with the vehement and heroic school song of You Accompany Me.

It was reported that this year SDUT had enrolled 8823 undergraduates students,1089 postgraduates and 450 foreign students.

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