SDUT wins 10 Provincial Awards for Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences


Recently, Shandong Provincial Judging Panel for Excellent Achievement Awards in Social Sciences and Shandong Provincial Judging Panel for “Taishan Art Awards” have successively announced the evaluation results, including the 2019 (the 33rd) Awards for Excellent Achievement in Social Sciences, “Taishan Art Awards” (the 11th), “Taishan Art Awards for Literature” (the 4th), among which SDUT won 10 awards.

Among them, Gai Guang’s work The Survival of Human Beings in The Ecological Environment won the first prize of 2019 Provincial Award for Excellent Achievements in Social Sciences. Those winning the second prize included Li Shusen’s paper “The Early Spread of Marxism in Russia and the understanding and Application of Marxism by Different Schools of Thought”, Jiang Ying’s monograph The History of Silk in Shandong, Lu Jinqiu’s book A Study of Nancy Hartsock’s Marxist Feminism, Zhu Min’s AStudy of the Spillover of Return of Overseas Talents and Zhang Zhongyue’s A Study of Immigration in Yalu River Basin since the Qing Dynasty (1644-1931). And those winning the third prize were Gaoyue’s paper “Decomposing China’s Export Growth into Extensive Margin, Export Quality and Quality Effects”, Shao Bin’s music work “Springs and Wine Leave You” and Qi Yongxin’s Chinese painting “Seeking Dreams in Pujiang”. Tang Changhua’s article “A Study of Zhang Wei’s Novel” won the “Taishan Art Award” for achievements in literary review and literary theory.

This year, 249 works were awarded for their outstanding achievements in humanities and social sciences, of which 30 won the first prizes, 99 the second prizes, and 120 the third prizes. The 11th Provincial “Taishan Art Awards” awarded 122 works, among which 18 won the first prizes, 38 won the second prizes and 56 the third prizes, as well as2 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 5 third prizes for achievements in literary theory and criticism. The fourth “Taishan Art Awards” for Literature awarded 41 works, including 4 novels, 5 novellas, 5 short stories, 5 poems, 5 essays, 5 reportages, 5 children's literature, 7 literary reviews and literary theories.

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