Four SDUT Talents Selected into “Taishan Scholars” Program


Recently, Shandong Provincial Government Office issued a list of young scholars selected in the “Taishan Scholars” Program in 2019. SDUT teachers on the list were Zhuang xuye, Liu Cong and Li Chuan. And Professor Zheng Hongyu, Distinguished Professor and Assistant to the President, was selected as a distinguished expert of Taishan Scholars through the “Conferences in Qilu”, a way of introducing talents, and won the HUICAI card of Shandong Province.

Dr. Zhuang Xuye from School of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the research and development of MEMS technology and products, have undertaken and participated in many scientific researches such as national major projects and exploratory development on weaponry, and trial-produced the first silicon MEMS hemispherical gyroscope to test the zero bias value of the output gyroscope in the world, whose relevant achievements had won the special award for sci-tech progress by China Academy of ordnance Electronics Co., Ltd.

Dr. Liu Cong from School of Computer Science and Technology, specializing in business process management, process mining, Petri net theory and its application, have presided over many projects over the last five years, among others, the NSFC, The Ministry of Education’s Cross-Disciplinary Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, and The Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientist in Shandong Province, and won three provincial awards for achievements in sci-tech innovation.

Dr. Li Chuan from School of Chemistry and Chemical engineering, specializes in multi-scale energy-storing composites phase change technology and its application, including research and preparation and properties characterization of high-performance energy-storing composite phase change materials, and the design of energy storage and exchange devices and performance optimization and system integration. He published 53 academic papers, including 37 SCI/EI papers (15 on top journals in the first district), and 1 English Monograph.

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