WANG Ping and his delegation Come to SDUT for survey and Investigation


WANG Ping, deputy director of the Mobilization Recruitment Bureau of National Defense Mobilization Department of the CMC, came to SDUT on October 31st with a delegation of six members from the Military-Civilian Joint Working Group of the Recruitment Office of the Ministry of National Defense to carry out a survey and investigation concerning the conscription of college students.

A symposium was held in the conference room on the ninth floor of Hongyuan building. Leaders presented at the symposium were ZHANG Ning, director of Mobilization Bureau of Shandong military region, WANG Peiquan, commander of Zibo military region, LYU Guangming, deputy commander of Zibo military region, LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the CPC Committee of SDUT, ZHANG Xiangyun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and vice president of SDUT.Heads of Mobilization Bureau of Shandong Military Region, Shandong Education Department, Shandong Health Committee, Zibo Health Committee and relevant departments of SDUT attended the symposium, and watched the promotion film of SDUT.

LYU Chuanyi, on behalf of SDUT, extended a warm welcome to WANG Ping and his fellows for their work. He briefly introduced the positioning of national defense education and conscription, as well as the characteristic practices and main achievements of SDUT in national defense education and conscription. LYU Chuanyi pointed out that the Party Committee of SDUT had always attached great importance to national defense education and conscription. SDUT put social responsibility in the first place of the five-have talent training goal, and vigorously cultivated students' patriotism and the ambition of serving the country. In the long-term practice of running the school, SDUT paid attention to strengthening military-school integration, actively served the national defense construction, undertook many national defense scientific and technological researches and service projects, and trained a large number of talents for the military. Students who joined the army from SDUT took the initiative to take responsibility for the country and stood up at the critical moment, reflecting a high sense of social responsibility. A large number of outstanding representativesemerged, such as FENG Siguang, the National Model of Righteousness and Courage, and MAO Yuexin, the Top Ten Pride of Zhejiang Province. He said that SDUT would continue to take national defense education and conscription as an important responsibility of colleges serving the army and national defense construction, and actively guide more young students to join the army and serve the motherland.

The head of the Armed Forces Department of SDUT reported the main methods of national defense education and conscription of our university, under the title of Raising awareness, implementing precise policies and doing well in conscription of college students, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the difficulties and problems encountered.

WANG Ping affirmed the achievement of SDUT in the national defense education and conscription work. He said that SDUT had made outstanding achievements in running the school and made positive contributions to the national defense career. The Party committee of SDUT highly valued national defense education and conscription, and  the relevant departments on campus had done great work. The national defense education here is rich in content and forms, with such innovative approaches as the National Defense Education Theme Park, Feng Siguang Class, National Defense Education Students Committee, One-stop Conscription Service Station, Easy-to-join-the-army Conscription Service System, Propaganda  of Five-one Conscription Measures, and Precise Mobilization System by Grades and Classifications. He hoped that SDUT, guided by Xi Jinping’s thought on strengthening the military, would accumulates experience and strive for greater achievements, and succeed in building a university of high level and well known teaching & research of her own characteristics at an early date.

Before the symposium, accompanied by LYU Chuanyi, the delegation team visited the National Defense Education Theme Park, conscription workstation and conscription service station.

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