SDUT Launch Quality Accreditation of Study in China


On October 18th, the Symposium on Quality Assurance of Study in China sponsored by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) was held in Beijing National Convention Center. YI Yuchen, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of SDUT, attended the meeting and signed on behalf of SDUT the Agreement on Quality Accreditation of Study in China for Colleges and Universities with CEAIE, marking the official launch of quality accreditation of study in China.

The quality accreditation of study in China is organized and implemented by CEAIE entrusted by the Ministry of Education, aiming to establish and improve the quality assurance system of study in China, and promote the sound and orderly development of education of study in China. The Index System on Quality Accreditation of Study in China for Colleges and Universities includes five first-class indexes, 17 second-class indexes and 57 observation points, including the guiding ideology, condition, teaching and practice, service and management, effectiveness and characteristics of running a school. It is a comprehensive investigation and evaluation of study in China for colleges and universities. The accreditation results will be regarded as an important reference index for the relevant departments of the Ministry of Education to measure the level of overseas education in China.

SDUT highly values study of international students in China. In recent years, the scale of international students has been expanding and the quality of student training has been improving. Meanwhile, we have developed a pattern of talents training for study in China that covers levels of bachelor, master and doctor by giving full play to the advantages of disciplines and refining the school-running characteristics. After the official launch of the quality accreditation of studying abroad in China, SDUT will take it as an opportunity to further sort out the ideas of study in China, clarify the direction of running the school, improve the management system and mechanism, enhance the quality of study in China, and raise the international level of running the school in accordance with the principle of promoting construction by evaluation and advancing reform by assessment.

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