Agricultural Engineering and Electrical Engineering,Two Postdoctoral Research Stations of SDUT Approved


Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee issued the Notice of Approving the Establishment of 339 New Postdoctoral Research Stations, including philosophy of Hunan University (No.105[2019] of the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security),and two first-level disciplines including agricultural engineering and electrical engineering of SDUT were approved. So far, the number of postdoctoral research stations of SDUT has reached 3.

In 2014, mechanical engineering postdoctoral research station of SDUT was approved to set up. SDUT started to recruit postdoctoral researchers from 2015,and up to now,38 postdoctors are recruited independently, including 11 foreign postdoctors,6 out of the station,and 24 jointly recruited with postdoctoral scientific research workstation.The postdoctoral researchers recruited were funded by 20 general programs of Postdoctoral Sustentation Fund,including 2 first-class funds;5 National Natural Science Foundations, 9 patents, 20 SCI papers, 7 EI papers and 10 CSSCI papers.and one was awarded the title of young and middle-aged experts with remarkable contributions of Zibo.

The postdoctoral research station recruits members who is engaged in scientific research in universities or research institutes, aiming to provide transition for doctoral graduates to engage in scientific research. In the process of implementing talent priority strategy”, postdoctoral recruitment is an important way to introduce, cultivate and use talents for SDUT.This year, SDUT issued a new postdoctoral policy, which substantially improved the treatment of postdoctoral researchers. The full-time postdoctoral researchers’ annual salary was up to 200,000 yuan, besides SDUT provided another 50,000 yuan for their settling-in allowance to attract more outstanding talents at home and abroad.

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