SDUT holds an international symposium on law education in the Asia-Pacific Area


From Nov.8to9,SDUT held“2019 international symposium on law education in the Asia-Pacific Area” at Xingyuan Hotel, jointly sponsored by Law School of Qufu Normal University and Law School of Waikato University of New Zealand. 

The theme of the conference was “international cooperation in law education”. More than 100 scholars attended the seminar, who are from Law Schools of more than 20 colleges and universities and law firms, such as Law School of Brooklyn, Louisiana State University, Minin University of Russia, Балтийский федеральный университет имени Иммануила Кантаof Russia, Newcastle University of Australia, Waikato University of New Zealand, Krirk University of Thailand, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shandong University, Beijing Yingke Law Firm, Shandong Jinan Ruiyang Law Firm, and Zibo Municipal Judicial Bureau.

At the preparatory meeting on the afternoon of Nov. 8, school leaders Lv Chuanyi and Yi Yuchen met with experts attending the meeting. Representatives of the participating universities jointly signed a memorandum to establish a “forum on law education for the university presidents in the Asia-Pacific area”, launched by SDUT, Qufu Normal University and Waikato University of New Zealand, and finally reached a consensus on law cooperation under the “One Belt and One Road Initiative”. 

At the formal meeting on Nov.9, those present at the opening ceremony included, among many, Yang Jinquan, President of Krirk University of Thailand, Nicholas Arad, former President of Law School of Brooklyn, Wayne Longble, Dean of Law School of Waikato University, Prof. Robert E. Lancaster from Louisiana State University, Li Yufu, Vice President of Shandong Law Society, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong University of Political Science and Law, Zhang Tiezhu, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, and Distinguished Prof. Qi Yanping from Beijing Institute of Technology, and Xiang Rong, Director of Beijing Yingke Law Firm.

Zhang Tiezhu, on behalf of SDUT, gave a welcome speech and briefly introduced the university’s achievements and the situation of the major of Law. He pointed out that building a socialist system of rule by law with Chinese characteristics is inseparable from training law personnel and international exchanges. Zhang also said that the seminar would further strengthen the cooperation in law education between universities in the Asia-Pacific Area and help train personnel in the field of law. He hoped that institutions at the conference could carry out cooperation in law education, and provide high-end intellectual support and quality service platform for “One Belt and One Road Initiative”.

Li Yufu pointed out in his speech that it was fundamental, strategic and leading to train law personnel who can deal with foreign legal affairs in the construction of foreign-related rule by law. “This seminar will strengthen the contact and exchanges between the Law Society and Shandong University of Technology. I hope that Law School of SDUT will continue to give full play to the key role in the field of law education in Shandong Province, and thus contribute to China’s rule by law,” added Li.

22 scholars from China and abroad made speeches on four topics, namely, “international cooperation in law education”, “cooperation in the area of law and social order”, “law education and artificial intelligence”, and “law education and social governance innovation”.

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