LYU Chuanyi meets with LI Wenping, the High Commissioner for International Cooperation of NEBHE


On December 4, Dr. Li Wenping, High Commissioner for International Cooperation of NEBHE, visited SDUT, accompanied by WANG Kejie, Deputy Mayor of Zibo Municipal People’s Government, YU Jun, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Education Working Committee of Zibo Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party group and Director of the Zibo Bureau of Education. LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, and YI Yuchen, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, met with the visitors in the Conference Room on the seventh floor of Hongyuan Building. Those attending the meeting also included heads from Development & Planning Division, Teaching Affairs Office, Graduate Studies’ Office, and International Cooperation & Exchange Office .

LI Wenping introduced the situation of NEBHE and the purpose of this visit. He hoped that NEBHE, making use its resources and advantages in engineering university cooperation and application-oriented talent training, could cooperate with Chinese universities in running schools, thus promoting cooperation and exchange of education between China and American.

LYU Chuanyi, on behalf of SDUT, welcomed LI Wenping and his party, and introduced the reform and development of SDUT in terms of scientific research, talent training and social service. He pointed out that in recent years, SDUT has carried out integrated development with Zibo City, in the hope that the university could serve as Zibo City’s sources of innovation, vitality, industry and beauty to contribute to Zibo City’s economic and social development. LYU also hoped that with the support of Zibo City, SDUT could carry out projects of cooperatively running school with famous American universities.

YI Yuchen introduced what SDUT has done in international cooperation and exchange. The two sides exchanged ideas on the specifics of co-running school by China and foreign countries, hoping to jointly promote substantive cooperation with American universities.

New England, located in the northeast corner of the U.S. mainland, includes six states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. NEBHE is a regional higher education organization authorized by the United States Congress and approved by the six state governors and legislatures of New England.

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