Yingke International Law School of SDUT founded in Beijing


Yingke International Law School of SDUT was officially inaugurated in Beijing on the morning of December 22. Those attending the unveiling ceremony included SDUT President ZHANG Tiezhu, also Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, MEI Xiangrong, founding partner, global partner and director of Beijing Yingke Law Firm, and relevant persons from Beijing Yingke Law Firm and School of Law of SDUT.

In his speech, ZHANG Tiezhu pointed out that the signing of the cooperation agreement between SDUT and Beijing Yingke Law Firm to jointly build Yingke International Law School of SDUT, was of great significance to improve the quality of legal professionals training and optimize the reserve of foreign-related legal professionals of the law firm.

ZHANG hoped that the two sides, in line with the principle of advantage complementing and resource sharing, could hold together for win-win cooperation, to make Yingke International Law School of SDUT a training base for high-level foreign-related legal professionals which is inviting, distinctive and influential in China, to set a successful example for industry-university-research cooperation, and to provide intellectual support and quality resource for the “Belt and Road Initiative” legal cooperation and a law-based government and society.

MEI Xiangrong pointed out that talent development took the first place, and that Beijing Yingke Law Firm would be committed to building a world-leading law firm with Chinese characteristics. He added that in the future, Yingke International Law School would, with its original aspiration and mission in mind, focus on lawyer practice training, hire professors from home and abroad and give lectures globally, become an inclusive law school, and cultivate more legal professionals for China.

ZHANG Tiezhu and MEI Xiangrong signed a contract on behalf of both sides and jointly inaugurated Yingke International Law School of SDUT. MEI Xiangrong was appointed as the Dean of the School, and YANG Xiaochun, the Head of School of Laws of SDUT, was appointed as the Executive Dean.

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