Meeting held at SDUT to form strategic alliance for Industry-University-Institute innovation in intelligent agricultural machinery equipment


On December 18, the inaugural meeting was held in the meeting room of the South Building of Xingyuan Hotel, SDUT, to form Provincial Strategic Alliance for Industry-University-Institute Innovation in Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipment (Alliance for short). Those present at the meeting included XIN Zhangfa, Researcher of Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, FAN Benrong, President of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Machinery Sciences, and YI Weiming, Vice President and Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC of SDUT. And persons from research institutes and enterprises also attended the meeting; they were from Shandong Agricultural University, Qingdao Agricultural University, School of Agricultural Engineering and Food Sciences of SDUT, LOVOL Heavy Industry Ltd. and Shandong Shifeng Group Ltd..


YI Weiming, on behalf of SDUT, delivered a speech, extending warm welcome to the guests, briefly introducing the main achievements of the university in recent years and the construction of the first-class discipline of Agricultural Engineering, and elaborating on the necessity and expected results of the Alliance.

At the meeting, the Alliance’s “Articles of Association” was approved, and its board units and persons were elected, including Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons and Secretary Generals.


On behalf of the University, the leader of the office of science and technology of SDUT and the coalition units signed a framework agreement which stipulated cooperation matters. Each alliance unit made a brief introduction to its own situation and expressed its sincere cooperation.

XIN Zhangfa made a summary of the meeting. He said that agricultural development couldn’t be separated from the support of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment. Therefore, the establishment of the alliance would provide continuous technical support and guidance for the scientific and technological progress and industrial development of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment in China.

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