Zibo Data Center of CHEOS co-built by SDUT was proclaimed in public with great opening ceremony


On December 10, the opening ceremony of Zibo Data Center of China High-Resolution Earth Observation System (CHEOS) co-built by SDUT was held in Qisheng International Hotel. JING Shikuan, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, and LIU Rongxi, Deputy Mayor of Zibo City jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Center.

More than 300 persons attended the ceremony, including YI Yuchen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, leaders from the Office of Science and Technology, the Office of Province-Bureau Co-Construction and the College of Construction Engineering, and the representatives of SHEOS of Shandong province, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Departments of Districts and Counties of Zibo and relevant enterprises.

The activity, sponsored by Zibo Government, was organized by SDUT and Shandong Tianyunhe Surveying and Mapping Engineering Ltd..After the ceremony, experts held lectures on the application and development of high resolution industries; they were from China Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry Information Technology, Center for Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application, and MNR.

It was reported that the HEOS was one of the 16 major projects identified in the “Outline of National Med-term and Long-term Plan for Science and Technology Development (2006-2020)”. Its main missions were to accelerate China’s space information and application technology, to enhance the ability of independent innovation, to build the HEOS, and to meet the needs of national economic construction, social development and national security.

The Center for the Data and Application, led by Department of Industry and Information Technology, was under the charge of College of Architecture Engineering of SDUT and Shandong Tianyunhe Surveying and Mapping Engineering Ltd. in terms of the organization and implementation, operation and maintenance and schedule management. And its construction management, organization and coordination and business guidance were the jobs of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Zibo. The center would be geared at industry application, providing service to key industries such as agriculture and forestry, land and resources, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, scientific research, and education in Zibo. It would be of great significance to deepen the integrated development of university and city, to develop digital economy, to promote coordinated development and wide application of block chain technology, to accelerate the construction of smart city, to improve social lean management, and to adjust the industrial structure.

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