SDUT named one of National “Top 10 Practice Universities”


On December 19, China Youth Daily announced the results of “top 100 practice teams of college students in 2019 summer vacation”. SDUT, altogether with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tianjin University and Zhejiang University and other 6 universities, won the honorary title of “Top 10 Practice Universities”. This was the first time that SDUT was granted to this honor.

The selection activity, organized by China Youth Daily, started in early July and lasted for 5 months. More than 600 universities and 5,147 teams participated in it. Through recommendation by universities, self-recommendation by teams, demonstration and voting, technology screening and expert reviews, “Top 10 Practice Universities”, “Top 10 Practice Teams”, “30 Excellent Practice Teams” and “Top 60 from 100 Practice Teams” were selected. SDUT was awarded one of “Top 10 Practice Universities”. In addition to this, its social practice team of “Safe Bridge” aimed at benefiting citizens was awarded one of “Top 10 Practice Teams”; its teams of “Spread of Love”, “Hongxin Hongyi” of “Dandelion” were all awarded the national “30 Excellent Practice Teams”; its team of “Honglu Innovation” was awarded one of the national “Top 100 Practice Teams”. All these have made breakthroughs, be it the level or the quantity.

In the social practice activities of 2019 summer vacation, SDUT, closely adhering to the theme of the times, organized carefully, increased investment, publicized widely and strengthened summary, and set up 1687 teams of all kinds at diverse levels. 16,000 students were encouraged to take root in the grass-roots level, to assume social responsibility, to increase practical competence, and to implemented the “five-have” talent cultivation goal; through practice, they received proper education, increased various competence and made contributions to the society.

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