A Historic Breakthrough in the Application of National Key Research and Development Program


This is the first approved program of the Ministry of Science and Technology led by SDUT, with a total expenditure of 36.87 million yuan.

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology officially issued a notice, saying the key project Research on the Key Technology of Preparing Clean Energy Out of Biomass Resources and its High-value Utilization in Villages and Towns has been approved, with a total expenditure of 36.87 million yuan. It is the major project of the national key research and development (R&D) plan Technological Innovation in Green Livable Villages and Towns, led by professor Yi Weiming of our university.

This project is led by SDUT and jointly undertaken by 10 units, including Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion-Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Institute of Biology-Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Henan Academy of Sciences. It is the first time our university had the key program of the Ministry of Science and Technology approved. It is a historic breakthrough in the application of national key R&D program by our university, and sets a new record of single item fund for scientific research projects of our university. It also plays an important role in promoting the construction of disciplines and specialty, talent training, scientific research, and enhancing competitiveness and influence of our university.

With the goal of clean energy preparation and high-value utilization of straw, the project will systematically carry out research on the comprehensive utilization technology of producing gas, liquid and solid clean energy by efficient conversion of waste straw in towns and villages. It will also focus on developing equipment for conversion and utilization, establishing demonstration projects that can be applied and popularized, and formimg three modes of clean utilization of waste straw in towns and villages.

Based on the research aspects, there are four subjects under the project. Professor Li Zhihe of our school is in charge of the second project, with a special fund of 11.33 million yuan, which mainly carries out the research on the high-efficiency pyrolysis and liquefaction by straw self-heating system, and bio-oil extraction technology.

In recent years, SDUT continues to deepen reform of the management system and mechanism for scientific research, optimize the system and improve the efficiency, and make full use of its advantages in technology to improve innovation capability of science and technology. Following the country’s construction plan of world-class universities and first-class disciplines and focusing on national-level programs, our university actively cultivates landmark achievements, thus improving the capability in helping Shandong Province replace old drives with new ones and construct the innovative province. Meanwhile, our ability to serve the national innovation strategy and undertake major scientific and technological tasks has been significantly enhanced. The approval of this key program will surely enhance the scientific research level of our university and enhance its comprehensive power.

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