The Number of On-the-job PHD Staff Reaching 1000


With the 154th doctor in 2019 reporting for work, the number of on-the-job PHD staff has reached 1000 by December 29th. On the morning of 30th, a ceremony was held in the meeting room on 8th floor of Hong Yuan Building, showing congratulations to Ms. Ma Mei, the 1000th doctor in the school’s staff.

Secretary of the party committee LYU Chuanyi, member of the standing committee of the party committee and vice president LIU Guohua attended the ceremony. Other participants included in-charge person from the office of the party committee (president) and the office of talents, the relevant principals of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Dr. Ma Mei and her husband Shi Chengcheng from the School of Mechanical Engineering.

LIU Guohua presided over the ceremony and briefly introduced Dr. Ma Mei. Ma Mei was admitted to the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering as one of the tenth batch of doctors introduced by our school this year. Her husband, Dr. Shi Chengcheng, one of the first batch this year, has joined the School of Mechanical Engineering. Both of them were introduced as A-level doctor, with strong scientific research capability and academic accomplishments.

LYU Chuanyi congratulated Dr. Ma Mei and presented her with a porcelain plate souvenir engraved with the school motto on behalf of the school.

In his passionate speech, LYU said that after years of efforts, the number of on-the-job staff with doctoral degree has reached 1,000, the number of which is of commemorative significance. Ma Mei happened to be the 1,000th. Congratulations on the completion of her studies and welcome her to the SDUT family.

“It is talented people that we need urgently to govern the country.” Talent is also the most important resource in the construction of distinctive, high-level and renowned teaching -researching university. In recent years, our university has been vigorously implementing the Talent first strategy, rendering prority to the teaching staff construction, and striving to build a high-level professional and technical team as well as a high-level management and service team. With the unremitting efforts of the whole university, both the number and quality of the talents has been growing rapidly, and the capability of the cadre team has been constantly improved.

LYU said that the work concerning the talents always takes the leading role in the overall work of the school. The ultimate purpose of introducing talents is to make better use of talents and give full play to their roles. The school will uphold the spirit of Qi culture, which honors the talents and is open and inclusive. It will continue to provide accurate services for the talents, and make every effort to help them solve difficulties in work and life, so that they can be happy and devote themselves to work without distractions.

The university will endeavor to construct a better working atmosphere for the talents. We will set up as large a stage for as they need. We hope that Dr. Ma Mei will exert her talents and gain a flourishing career in this favorable atmosphere of SDUT.

Motivated by the enthusiasm, Dr. Ma Mei said, I feel very honored to be the thousandth doctor. From contacting the school to being interviewed and finally entering the job, I deeply felt the warmth, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm of the SDUT family. I will work with assiduity and make my own contribution to the development of our university.

The principal of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering introduced the current situation of the faculty, and said that the school will continue to adjust and optimize the talent introduction strategy, at the same time try their best in talent service, and strive to build a first-class discipline.

After the ceremony, the relevant personnel of human resources department handled the follow-up procedures for Dr. Ma Mei 's registration.

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