Meeting held to contain COVID-19 pandemic


On the morning of February 4, LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, held a meeting on how to prevent and contain the COVID-19 pandemic in the conference room on the 7th floor of Hongyuan Building, immediately after the video conference on the prevention and control of the virus held by Shandong Provincial Education Department. LYU briefed persons at the meeting on the work done and arranged the work to be done on virus control. Those present at the meeting included President ZHANG Tiezhu, also Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, HU Xingyu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, three Vice Presidents WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting and YI Weiming, and members of Leading Group on COVID-19 Control.

WANG Libin briefed the attendees on the current situation of COVID-19 control in SDUT from the aspects of careful planning and responsibility-sharing, and of joint effort and comprehensive implementation. WANG also analyzed existing difficulties and problems, and made suggestions on the follow-up work to stop the spread of the virus, in response to the documents issued by higher organizations and the reality of the university.

ZHANG Tiezhu, on behalf of the university, expressed heartfelt thanks to the faculty and staff who had fought in the front line of epidemic control. “So far, SDUT has taken effective measures and managed to contain the virus, and all departments and schools have remained vigilant, having made great contribution to the university’s virus control” noted ZHANG.

About how to further prevent and contain the virus, ZHANG demanded the departments concerned to: further raise awareness of the severity of the epidemic, and give up the idea of leaving things to chance;perform the tasks according to the notification and requirements issued by higher organizations without any inconsistency; shoulder responsibilities, make overall arrangements, and formulate detailed measures, so as to have a clear understanding of the facts;stay in step with the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCCPC) and the Provincial Party Committee (PPC), discount and do not tell rumors;work together to stop the spread of the virus, pay attention to the situation of the epidemic and social stability, fulfill the responsibility and punish those who fail to do so;timely, efficiently and carefully take notes on various information and data; publicize correct information, monitor public opinion, and set up the column on and pay close attention to the new developments in the virus control;have confidence in the fight against the virus under the leadership of CCCPC and PPC.

LYU Chuanyi made a concluding speech, and requested all departments and schools to:

raise public awareness of the prevention of COVID-19 mentally. All stuff and students should fully realize the urgency and complexity of current situation and the uncertainty of the mode and way of virus spread, take heed of experts’ advice to contain the virus in a more adequate and effective manner.

launch a war against the epidemic. It is a matter of everyone’s safety and health. Relevant departments and colleges should have a sense of responsibility and mission for the sake of teachers and students, and timely convey the requirements of higher organizations to the teachers and students.

give full play to the role of Party members, especially leading cadres, especially that of grass-roots Party organizations as battle fortresses and the vanguard role of Party members. In this way, the party flag can fly high in the front line of epidemic control. The leading cadres, who have to stand up and shoulder responsibilities in times of crisis, carefully investigate problems and think of ways, do everything possible to minimize the risk of the virus, and stand the test and fulfill the mission in the fight against the virus.

take their own responsibilities and contain the virus scientifically, and assign specific tasks to the specific person under the leadership of Leading Group on COVID-19 control. All departments need conduct in-depth research and put it into practice, guide teachers and students through various channels to rationally understand and scientifically control the epidemic, pay attention to personal hygiene, reasonably make use of holidays, and strengthen self-protection, study and research.

further publicize how to prevent the virus and stay healthy. The publicity department should timely brief the teachers and students on the current situation of the university’s control of the epidemic, respond to their concerns and demands, and encourage them to effectively fight against the virus with confidence and without any misgiving.

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