SDUT Holds a Meeting to Summarize Previous Work in 2019 and to Arrange the Work for the Winter Vacation


On the morning of January 10, SDUT held a meeting to summarize the achievements yielded in the year of 2019 and to arrange the work to be done for the upcoming winter vacation in the lecture hall in No. 3 Building. School leaders present at the meeting included LYU Chuanyi, ZHANG Tiezhu, HU Xingyu, LIU Guohua, ZHANG Xiangyun, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, YI Weiming and ZHANG Jinsheng. Those who attended the meeting also included special assistant to the president, leaders with middle ranks, members of Academic Committee, directors and vice directors of Professor Committee and assistant to the dean of schools. HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, chaired the meeting.

ZHANHG Tiezhu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SDUT, briefly summarized the solutions, effective measures and results taken to the key problems restricting developments since the 3rd Party congress of SDUT. He focused on reporting the strengthening implementation of SDUT's work in 2019, and made arrangements for the winter vacation work.

ZHANG Tiezhu pointed out that since the 3rd Party congress, SDUT had been focusing on the goal of One Spirit and One Plan, paying close attention to solving all kinds of bottleneck problems. After more than three years of construction and development, all reform measures of SDUT had been basically in place, and the development effect had initially appeared.

ZHANG said that in 2019, all departments, offices and schools concentrated on the goal of One Spirit and One Plan and the key points of the annual work, strengthening the understanding, organization and measures to vigorously carry out the Talent Priority Strategy and establish the working group mechanism focusing on the key work. Many new miracles had been created; social contributions and influences were constantly improving.

ZHANG has made arrangements for the work of winter vacation: first, we should do a good job in comprehensive summary and scientific planning; second, we should continuously promote the Talent Priority Strategy; third, we should steadily advance works of education and teaching; fourth, we should solidly accelerate discipline evaluation and graduate degree authorization construction; fifth, we should further facilitate scientific research and social services; sixth, we should earnestly complete the preparatory work for the fourth teaching staff representative conference and the fourth labor union member representative conference; seventh, we should ensure the safety, stability and service of the campus during the winter holiday.

LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, made a speech. He pointed out that 2019 was the third implementation year after the 3rd Party congress held in November 2016. After three years of implementation, SDUT had stepped up to a new level and new achievements had been made in all aspects.

LYU Chuanyi briefly reviewed and summarized the strengthening implementation of school’s work in 2019 from three aspects: strengthening understanding, organization and measures. He said that in 2019, all schools and offices were in high morale and chased each other; all works were carried out in an all-round way with frequent victories.

LYC put forward requirements for the work of SDUT in 2020 from two aspects: how to do and what to do. As for how to do , he indicated that in the new year, there should be a new performance, we should keep the good spirit of entrepreneurship with high positioning, advanced benchmark, and first-class aim; in the new year, there should be new responsibilities, we should rush to undertake tasks, and dare to shoulder the most heavy responsibilities; in the new year, there should be new skills, we should overcome inertial thinking, and constantly enhance the ability and level of doing practical work and starting the business; in the new year, there should be new achievements, we should overcome pride and complacency, and take new achievements as evaluation criteria at a new starting point.

As for what to do, LYU Chuanyi delivered that, first, we should improve the governance system and promote the modernization of the governance system and capacity; second, we should do our utmost to the construction of Priority Project and continue to implement the Talent Priority Strategy; third, we should strengthen the construction of cadre team and strive to improve the performance ability and work level of cadres; fourth, we should pay close attention to the construction of disciplines and specialties, and organize doctor positions and first-class specialties declaration, striving for breakthroughs in the optimization and adjustment of disciplines and specialties; fifth, we should fight for external resources; cadres at all levels should become the masters of resources competition; sixth, we should make scientific plans for the 14th Five-Year development plan to ensure the plan is scientific, advanced, targeted and effective; seventh, we should aim for a new round of provincial key construction universities and firmly grasp this important development opportunity; eighth, we should do a good job in the education of teachers and staff, strengthening the construction of teachers' morality and style, and improving the ideological realm of teachers and workers.

LYU emphasized the key work during the winter vacation. First, we should complete the distribution of incentive performance in 2019, and try to make teachers satisfied; second, we should pay condolence visits to the employees and Party members in need, so as to bring the Party's warmth to the hearts of employees; third, we should strictly implement the requirements of the construction of the Party's style and clean government, and spend a clean and upright spring festival; fourth, we should seriously study and plan the work for the new year, and further improve the work plan; fifth, we should attach great importance to safety and stability to ensure personal and property safety and a harmonious and stable campus.

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