SDUT leaders look for job opportunities for college ‘seniors’


For the seniors at SDUT expected to earn their degrees in 2020, COVID-19 has taken away many things, including in-school study programs and potential job opportunities. Many of them have been plagued by anxiety and other tensions. At this, the university’s Secretary of the Party Committee LYU Chuanyi and other leaders offered to help the final-year students. “These students have been kept out of classrooms and deprived of plenty of opportunities to get jobs by themselves because of the crisis. As their teachers, we are to look for job opportunities for them,” said LYU.  

On April 1st, LYU Chuanyi and his party went to Linzi-based INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to look for job opportunities for the students in their final year. Those who went there included school leaders WEI Xiuting and ZHANG Jinsheng, heads from Office of the Party Committee (President) and Office of Social Service, directors from the Graduate School, Office of Admissions and Employment, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and all members of the working group of “entering enterprises, projects, villages, and communities” (“Working Group” for short).

The two parties held a discussion in the meeting room of the company. Those engaging in the discussion included the company’s President LIU Fangyi, Assistant General Manager YU Haisheng, and representatives of SDUT alumni working in the company.

LYU Chuanyi firstly expressed his gratitude to the alumni working in the company for donating resources to SDUT in anti-COVID-19 fight. LYU introduced the achievements that the university had made since the launch of the “Talent Priority Strategy”. He pointed out that the talents belonged not only to SDUT, but also to the society and the country, and that it was necessary to give full play to intellectual strength of the talents in an effort to contribute to the scientific and technological research and development of the enterprise.

LYU Chuanyi continued that because of economic recession caused by the health crisis, college seniors found it hard to connect to career paths. He briefed on the seniors graduating in 2020 from SDUT and invited the company to hold an online job fair for the students, to enable them to contribute to the development of the enterprise and to realize their own ideals.

LIU Fangyi introduced the status quo of the company and fully affirmed their employees graduating from SDUT, saying that many of them have become the backbone of the company’s future development. He continued that the company would increase cooperation with SDUT by setting up a 2 million RMB of ‘INTCO Medical’ Scholarship and having persons in charge of the campus recruitment, in an attempt to attract more graduates.

Vice President WEI Xiuting, also Member of the Standing Committee of SDUT Party Committee, introduced the school’s personnel training and discipline construction, hoping to strengthen cooperation with enterprises, further deepen the integration of industry and education, realize customized training of talents, increase the promotion of enterprises, and help more outstanding graduates find jobs.

The company’s project—INTCO Sci-Tech Park Project of R & D & Marketing of Intelligent Medical Device—is SDUT’s designated project by the Working Group. The Group leader ZHANG Jinsheng said that the group would do as the Provincial Party Committee had ordered, continue to provide links between the university and the enterprise, promote their integration, and thus help graduates to find jobs.

In the discussion, the heads of both sides exchanged their ideas on the cooperation between the university and the company in terms of job offers to seniors preparing to graduate.

It is reported that SDUT has released “The Guide to Job Hunting in a Fight against the Virus” and “The Seniors’ Guide to Job Hunting” since early February, in responses to the requirements of epidemic prevention and the upcoming employment pressure. The guides informed companies of the employment and provided graduates with guidance and instructions on how to choose their careers. Through online lectures, interviews and signing, the university has helped the graduates to get jobs. In addition to the hard work by school leaders, SDUT has also encouraged all its staff to look for opportunities in an atmosphere of career possibilities.

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