SDUT holds its 1st meeting of the 4th Academic Committee and Special Committee


On April 14th, the first meeting of the Fourth Academic Committee and Special Committee (“the Committee” for short) was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of Hongyuan Building at Shandong University of Technology. Those present at the meeting included SDUT’s Secretary of the Party Committee LYU Chuanyi, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President YI Weiming, members of the Committee, and heads of relevant functional departments. The meeting was chaired by YI Weiming.

The Secretary-General of the Committee read out the list of members of the Committee.

LYU Chuanyi issued letters of appointment to members of the Committee.

On behalf of the university’s Party Committee and Administration, LYU Chuanyi extended warm congratulations to the founding of the Committee and the newly elected members, and expressed sincere thanks to the efforts and contributions made by the members of the Third Academic Committee and Special Committee. He said that being elected as a member of the Committee means both a lofty honor and a heavy responsibility, both the trust of other teachers and the expectations of the Party Committee and Administration of the University .

As regards how to strengthen the self-construction of the Committee and improve the performance of the members, LYU Chuanyi requested the members to:

be aware of politics. As an important carrier of academic management by professors, the Committee should make it a rule that its members adhere to the leadership of the Party and move in the right direction.

take the overall situation into account. Members should perform duties from the perspective of the overall situation of the whole school, and resolutely put an end to departmental selfishness.

be dedicated. Members are expected to be dedicated to their own work, living up to the trust of the school.

be responsible. Members are expected to study rules and regulations, to dare to take responsibilities, face hardships and take the initiative, to increase professional competence, to adhere to the principles, and to avoid prevarication and evasion.

be fair. Members are requested to bear fairness and justice in mind, to carry out their work fairly and impartially, to make distinction between the right and the wrong, to make good use of the power endowed with them, and thus to better serve other teachers and students.

observe the discipline. Members are expected to study relevant academic documents such as the “Academic Committee Charter”, to raise the awareness of confidentiality and integrity, and to strictly abide by work discipline.

On behalf of all other members, the head of the Committee, WEN Guangwu, said that it was a sacred duty and a glorious mission to become a member of the Committee, and that he would cherish the honor, put himself in the right place, overcome departmental selfishness, uphold the principle of fairness, strengthen learning, adapt to the situation, strengthen self-cultivation, strive to set a good example, and shoulder responsibilities.

YI Weiming shared his personal views on how to fulfill the duties of the Committee members. He hoped that all members would perform their duties and do a good job in accordance with the requirements of “understanding policies, being a good listener and thinker, taking seriously the overall situation, ensuring justice, and promoting development”.

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