SDUT Scientific Culture and Arts Festival (2020) Kicks off via Internet


The opening ceremony of SDUT Scientific Culture and Arts Festival (2020) were held on May 27th, the time when the Jixia Lake was brimming over with vigor and vitality, in order to overcome the current difficulties, make overall plans for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and school reform and development, and guide teachers and students to make new and greater contributions to build a distinctive, high-level and nationally renowned teaching and research university as soon as possible.

LYU Chuanyi, SDUT Party secretary, inscribed for the Arts Festival: “The Divine Land shoulders the responsibility to conquer the epidemic, the SDUT paves her way to be among the first-class institutes.”

HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, delivered the opening speech. On behalf of the Party committee and administration departments of SDUT, he congratulated the start of this Scientific Culture and Arts Festival.

He pointed out that at present, we stood at the intersection of the sprint year of the 13th Five-year Plan and the blueprint year of the 14th Five-year Plan, and the theme of this Scientific Culture and Arts Festival, “The Divine Land shoulders the responsibility to conquer the epidemic, and SDUT paves her way to be among the first-class institutes” was set to see that the staff and students will carry forward the Chinese spirit displayed in the process of fighting the “epidemic”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, bravely shoulder the lofty mission given by the times, cherish patriotism, forge the ambition of strengthening the power of our country, practice the journey of serving the country, overcome difficulties, strive for the first-class affairs, enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of ownership, consciously integrate the myself into ourselves, and strive to compose a magnificent song of struggle in the advance of our motherland and school. It was hoped that the staff and students would actively participate in the stage of Scientific Culture and Arts Festival. In online learning and activities, students should be self-disciplined and introspective, plan reasonably and make full use of all kinds of learning practice platforms to improve comprehensive quality and strive to be Five-Have talents.

During this unique period, the Organizing Committee of this Scientific Culture and Arts Festival has made scientific arrangements, innovative forms and integrated resources to elaborately launch 11 online brand scientific culture and arts activities, which are: the 7th poetry collection of “Poetry Fair in Spring” and “cloud” recitation meeting; the academic course sharing activity of “Access to ‘Everyone’”; Graduation Concert named “Encourage the Youth to Fight against the ‘epidemic’, and gather the patriotic strength” and campus top ten singer competition; “Media Passion, Technology Dream” college students’ media culture season; the 3rd “Create for Future” series of science and technology competitions; the 17th “Challenge Cup” college students’ extracurricular academic science and technology works competition; the 1st traditional culture festival of “Cultural Excellence and Talents”; the 6th teachers and students’ photography, calligraphy and painting exhibition of “Chinese Dream, SDUT Story”; The 6th essay contest of “Jointly Fight Epidemic and Act in Patriotic Way”, “Reading for the Best” English reading contest for college students, and the 3rd Jixia film exhibition evaluation activity of “Embracing the original aspiration of the times, ‘filming’ the patriotic enthusiasm of the youth”.

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