Provincial Inspection and Supervision Team for the Class-resuming Conditions Come to SDUT for Verification


On May 14th, the inspection and supervision team for class-resuming conditions of Shandong Provincial Education Department came to SDUT to check the class-resuming conditions in SDUT, with ZHAO Yuanzheng, a consultant from the Department of Private and Continuing Education of Shandong Provincial Education Department (Education Working Committee of The Provincial Party Committee) as the team leader and the heads of relevant departments of Zibo Municipal Health and Family Planning Supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau, Zibo Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shandong Management University, and Shandong Institute of Commence & Technology as members. HU Xingyu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, WANG Libin, member of the Standing Committee of Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT, and heads of Zibo Municipal Education Bureau and relevant departments of SDUT participated in the verification.

The inspection team conducted field inspection and verification by inspecting the measures of epidemic prevention and control adopted at the school gate, in student apartments, the epidemic prevention and control duty room, student dining-halls, teaching buildings and other places. They inquire into the details of the planned process for students to return to the campus, the material reserves for epidemic prevention and control, the arrangements for students’ study and living, campus safety management, emergency response process and so on. In addition, through consulting materials, random interviews, spot connections and other ways, they carried out all-round inspection and supervision on the preparatory work of SDUT.

At the feedback meeting, the team fully affirmed SDUT’s preparatory work for this unique semester and put forward specific guidance. They agreed that SDUT’s preparations were comprehensive, the plans and measures were effectively implemented. The 13 major items together with 46 minor ones all met the relevant requirements of the verification rules.

On behalf of the school, HU Xingyu expressed thanks to the verification team for its full affirmation and professional guidance on SDUT’s work. He said that SDUT would immediately implement relevant work listed at the feedback meeting, further improve the school arrangements for restart of the campus life, pay close attention to the prevention and control work, practically guarantee the safety of the campus and the health of the staff and students, so as to ensure the stable and orderly return of students.

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