SDUT Welcomes the First Group of back-to-School Students


On May 19th, after a long holiday, SDUT welcomed the first group of students back to school during the epidemic. The exuberant campus in summer extended her arms to embrace the students.

All work for students back to school were arranged in neat order, confirming train numbers, school transfer service, testing at the school entrance, quarantining at dormitory and distributing materials for preventing and controlling the epidemic and so on.

Before students returned to school, staff of every school contacted the students in advance to confirm their train numbers and arrival time. In order to ensure the safety of these students, SDUT arranged school transfer buses at Zibo Station, Zibo North Station and Zibo Coach Station and carried out on-spot identity verification and body temperature test before they board the vehicles heading for SDUT. According to the arrangement, all back-to-school students were to enter the campus from the north gate of the west campus.At the entrance, a team consisting of school counselors and relevant department staff awaited the arrival of students, and students went through the testing series, including, body temperature testing, luggage and hand disinfection, mask replacement, QR code for returning to school and campus card check, Shandong Health QR code check, and then submit the qualification materials of Six Unique Groups. Students from other provinces were tested for nucleic acid and serum antibody. After that, the students were escorted to their dormitory apartment, and then to the designated room for quarantine.

While waiting for the results of nucleic acid and serum antibody tests in the apartment, each school provided them with water, meal, epidemic prevention materials and other services. Students free from the disease would end their quarantine. In case of emergency, emergency disposal procedures would commence.

In order to ensure the safety of returning students, SDUT attached great importance to the preparation work, arrangement of great details and implement work. On April 17th, SDUT held a coordination meeting on the work of students returning to school to clarify the responsibilities of each department and deployed the work. On May 7th and 12th, SDUT conducted surveys two times of the students returning to school, especially those in provinces of Hubei, Heilongjiang and Jilin, and constantly improved the epidemic prevention and control program and the schedule for students returning to school. On May 14th, according to the relevant requirements of the higher authorities, SDUT printed and distributed “Programs for Students Returning to School in Spring Semester 2020 of SDUT”, making a comprehensive deployment for the work and putting forward clear requirements. On May 15th, SDUT held a special meeting to implement all arrangements for students to return to school and resume classes.

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