Students back to School in Autumn Term of 2020


Students started to return to school in different groups in autumn semester from September 2nd. They came back with new dreams, bathing in the warm sun and the cool blowing wind.

The return time lasted for 3 days, from September 2nd to September 4th. Students were to return to school from the south gate and north gate of the west campus and from the south gate of the east campus in three groups. Students were to go back to dormitories with masks after body temperature testing, hand disinfection, Shandong Health QR code check or nucleic acid test negative certificate check and campus card check, so as to prepare for the study and life of the new semester.

On the morning of September 2nd, LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, ZHANG Xiangyun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT, checked the verification sites of all academic schools accompanied by heads of relevant departments. LYU Chuanyi asked the students about their return-to-school in detail, checked the relevant materials and greeted the staff when he reached each verification site.

At verification sites of School of Laws, LYU Chuanyi talked with a back-to-school student and showed his genuine concern. LYU Chuanyi warmly said to the student, Long time no see, welcome home!

According to the prevention and control requirements of COVID-19, SDUT has made meticulous preparations for the students' return-to-school in autumn term. The notice of return-to-school in autumn of 2020 was released in advance. And arrangements were made according to the return-to-school schedule and conditions, strengthening preparations before the return, the protection during the return, and daily protection after returning to school. During the period of returning to school, SDUT installed intelligent infrared temperature screening system at the school gate, improving the accuracy and efficiency of body temperature testing; security personnel directed traffic at the gate to maintain order; medical staff were on standby at the scene to do a good job of service; each academic schools prepared disinfectant, masks and other disinfection and protective equipment at the verification sites, organized volunteers to help students carry luggage; Campus shuttle bus went back and forth to deliver the students to their apartments; Office of Student Affairs contacted the bedding company to help students to change new bedding; the catering service center prepared delicious meals…With the cooperation of relevant functional departments and academic schools, the whole work of the first day of students back to school was orderly and warm. Next, a large number of students would return to the campus after a long separation with expectation. Jixia Lake would show  its vitality and youth again.

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