SDUT Welcomes Class 2020 Postgraduates Freshmen


On September 13th, the 22 academic units of SDUT successively welcomed 1400 freshmen of postgraduate students of class 2020 in the autumn filled with sweet laurel fragrance. Under the unified deployment of the school and the cooperation of various academic units, the welcome work was carried out orderly , warmly and pleasantly.

All graduate students of class 2020 entered the campus after temperature measurement, identity and health information verification. With the help and guidance of postgraduate volunteers, they orderly took the campus shuttle bus to the check-in point to handle the registration procedures. In order to make freshmen familiar with and adapt to the learning and life of the new campus as soon as possible, SDUT carefully designed the shuttle bus route through the school's landmark buildings. The Graduate Studies' Office was equipped with commentators for each shuttle bus.

Yi Weiming, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT, came to the welcome spot to have a detailed understanding of the preparation work and the arrival of the freshmen in the west campus in the morning. He fully affirmed the thoughtful and meticulous service of the staff and student volunteers, expressed gratitude for their hard work, and had a cordial conversation with the freshmen.

In the postgraduate welcome work this year, SDUT, in combination with the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, had carefully formulated the implementation plan of freshmen enrollment work in accordance with the principle of “healthy, orderly, convenient and warm”, and refined the work process to improve work efficiency. At the same time, we innovated forms to provide warm services for freshmen, such as putting a welcome arch bridge in the south gate and laying a red carpet; placing signature boards to let the freshmen write down their expectations and wishes for the next three years; organizing volunteers to do a good job in guiding, assisting, and carrying luggage for freshmen; providing campus card sets for freshmen and preparing birthday surprise for students who celebrate their birthday on the day of registration ... With the joint efforts of all departments and academic schools, the registration work of the whole postgraduate freshmen was stable, harmonious and orderly.

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