SDUT Approved as 2020 National Intellectual Property Pilot University


On October 16th, China National Intellectual Property Administration and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the Notice on the Determination of National Intellectual Property Pilot Demonstration Universities in 2020. SDUT, together with 80 universities such as Renmin University of China, was selected as the national intellectual property pilot university in 2020.

In order to improve the intellectual property capacity and level of universities, China National Intellectual Property Administration and the Ministry of Education carried out the identification and selection of national intellectual property pilot demonstration universities for the first time. Starting from February 2020, through the procedures of declaration, recommendation and evaluation, 30 universities including Peking University were finally identified as national intellectual property demonstration universities in 2020; 80 universities were selected as pilot universities; a total of 9 universities in Shandong Province were selected, including 2 universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education and 7 universities under the provincial government.

According to the Notice, the pilot and demonstration universities should form special characteristics or comprehensive advantages in any aspect of quality, efficiency and protection of intellectual property rights based on their own foundation and development strategy and the improvement of intellectual property management ability, and strive to improve the high-level management ability, high-quality creation ability, high-efficiency application ability and high-standard protection ability of intellectual property rights.

The head of Science & Technology Division said that the Party Committee of SDUT and the special class for deepening the reform of scientific research system attached great importance to the management of intellectual property rights and the application work. This selection was not only the recognition of our original job done on intellectual property, the advantages of discipline resources, innovation ability and the working mechanism of industry-university-research cooperation, but also an important opportunity to improve the comprehensive ability of intellectual property management of SDUT. SDUT would further improve the whole process management of intellectual property rights of scientific research projects, patent evaluation and other institutional documents, and promote the property right of scientific and technological achievements and the creation mechanism of high-value patents. Combining key disciplines with intellectual property rights would boost the development of teaching and discipline construction. At the same time, through the pilot project, the intellectual property management and the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in central Shandong Province would be advanced.

The validity period of the pilot universities was from October 2020 to October 2023. After the expiration of the time limit, China National Intellectual Property Administration and the Ministry of Education shall organize an expert committee for examination and re-inspection. Colleges and universities that passed the assessment would carry out a new round of pilot projects; those with good results could voluntarily apply for model universities.

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