SDUT Holds 6th International University Students Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition


On December 19th, the final of “ZOOMLION” Cup 6th International University Students Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition was held in SDUT. More than 700 students from 48 universities including China Agricultural University, Jiangsu University and South China Agricultural University participated in the competition with 305 excellent works of strong innovative thinking, high-level technology and great market potential, among which were 195 works of “Scientific and Technological Inventions and Manufactures in the Field of Intelligent Agricultural Equipment”, 98 works of “Transplanting Robot Competition”, 12 works of topics set by enterprises. 

CHEN Xuegeng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; ZHAO Chunjiang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; WANG Bo, president of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery; HU Xingyu, deputy secretary the Party committee and president of SDUT; YANG Zhou, president of Jiaying University and vice president of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery; LI Hongbo, deputy secretary of Jiangsu University; ZHAO Hui, deputy president of Tianjin Agricultural University; HU Xianqing, deputy secretary of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.; YI Weiming, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice president of SDUT, XIN Zhangfa, consultant of the Agricultural Mechanization Management Department of Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, attended the competition. More than 1000 well-known experts and professors in the field of agricultural machinery, representatives of enterprises, and representatives of college teachers and students participated in the competition.

HU Xingyu delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that innovation was the soul of a nation’s progress and the inexhaustible driving force of national prosperity. SDUT attached great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship, and took innovation and entrepreneurship education as an important starting point to improve the quality of talent training. This competition focused on the innovation of college students’ intelligent agricultural equipment. It was an important competition for college students’ innovation with high specification, wide range of participation and excellent work strength, providing a rare platform for improving college students’ innovation ability. He said that as the organizer of the competition, SDUT would provide comprehensive and considerate service to ensure the smooth progress of the competition.

Professor Fedro S.Zazueta, secretary general of Commission Internationale De Genie Rurale (CIGR), expressed his best wishes for the competition on behalf of CIGR.

On behalf of the steering committee of the competition, CHEN Xuegeng warmly congratulated on the holding of the competition and put forward three hopes: first, participants should insist on the high standard competition to give the appeal to make all parties participate in the competition and share achievements; second, competitors should continue to exert influence with high-level competition to cooperate in educating people and cultivating elites; third, contestants should constantly produce productivity with high-quality competition to help innovation and serve the industry.

ZHAO Chunjiang delivered a speech on behalf of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery. He said that he would continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with all parties, and be committed to talent training and scientific and technological innovation of modern agricultural equipment, so as to help the development of national agricultural modernization.

WANG Bo, LI Hongbo, HU Xianqing and XIN Zhangfa delivered speeches on behalf of Society for Agricultural Machinery, Synergistic Innovation Center of Modern Agricultural Equipment and Technology& International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineer, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd., and Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs respectively.

The competition consisted of expert evaluation, on-site debate and competition. After fierce competition, 23 special prizes, 50 first prizes, 100 second prizes and 71 excellent prizes were awarded. 

At the closing ceremony,leaders and guests presented awards to winners,excellent instructors and universities that won the cup.Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Juming Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shandong Transce Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. signed on-site agreements on transfer and transformation of innovative achievements with student representatives. The Dance Troupe and Folk Music Troupe of the School of Music of SDUT brought wonderful performances to the representatives of participants.

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