SDUT Co-Hosts the 7th National Conference on Energy Storage Science and Technology& Zibo Advanced Energy Materials Forum


From December 12th to 13th,more than 400 experts,scholars and industry elites from domestic universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions gathered in Zibo Qisheng International Hotel to participate in the 7th National Conference on Energy Storage Science and Technology and 2020 Zibo Advanced Energy Materials Forum to talk about energy storage promoting the sustainable development of new energy industry. 

The conference was co-hosted by People's Government of Zibo City, SDUT, Energy Storage Engineering Committee of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and Chemical Industry Press Co., Ltd., and undertaken by School of Chemical Engineering of SDUT, editorial department of Energy Storage Science and Technology, and Zibo Science and Technology Transfer and Transformation Center. LI Can, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences; MA Xiaolei, deputy secretary of Zibo Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor of Zibo City; ZHU Qingshan, director of Energy Storage Engineering Committee of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and secretary of Party committee of Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science; LYU Chuanyi, secretary of Party committee of SDUT; ZHANG Tiezhu, honorary director of Academic Committee and former president of SDUT; and BI Hongwei, vice mayor of Zibo City; CUI Shengli, deputy secretary general of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China attended the opening ceremony. SU Shoubo, member of the standing committee of Party committee and vice president of SDUT, attended and presided over the opening ceremony.

LYU Chuanyi delivered a warm speech. He briefly introduced the basic situation of SDUT and the achievements made in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the school-city integrated development in recent years. He pointed out that energy storage technology was an important part of the energy revolution and had good application prospects in strategic industries such as new energy vehicles, efficient utilization of renewable energy, smart grid, energy saving and efficiency enhancement of process industry. He hoped that through the good platform built by the grand meeting, scientific research personnel could seriously study the advanced ideas and latest achievements in relevant fields, and made contributions to help Zibo accelerate its development and rise, promote the transformation of new and old growth driver in Shandong Province, enhance the high-quality development of higher education in Shandong Province in the new era, and make innovation and development in the field of new energy in China.

BI Hongwei said in her speech that as an important measure for the school-city deeply integrated development, this conference would provide valuable wisdom wealth for Zibo to realize the innovative development, effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the new energy and new material industry, and advance the deep development of the major project of the transformation of the old and new growth driver. Zibo City would grasp this opportunity, constantly consolidate the foundation of science and technology and talents, and cultivate and form the main body of new growth driver.

In his speech, CUI Shengli introduced the basic situation of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and its Energy Storage Engineering Committee. He said that the meeting was an important opportunity to promote the development of energy storage technology and would make contributions to the academic research and industrial development of energy storage. 

In his speech, ZHU Qingshan briefly reviewed the course of the meeting and expounded the importance of energy storage technology. He said that in the exchange of experts and scholars, this conference would surely bring new sparks of knowledge and realize the leap-forward development of energy storage technology. 

After the opening ceremony, Academician LI Can delivered the keynote report of the conference on “Large-Scale Chemical Energy Storage of Renewable Energy: Green Hydrogen Energy and Liquid Sunlight Methanol”. He made an in-depth analysis of the current energy and environmental ecological problems faced by China’s economic development, and proposed that green hydrogen energy and liquid sunlight were effective ways to solve the intermittent problems of renewable energy. The report was rich in content, which provided new ideas for the development of energy storage science and technology. 

Professor ZHANG Tiezhu from SDUT; professor QIU Jieshan, head of College of Chemical Engineering of Beijing University of Chemical Technology; professor LI Jinping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Taiyuan University of Technology, and researcher LI Hong of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, respectively made a series of conference reports entitled “Several Basic Problems in Energy and Power of New Energy Vehicles”, “Research on Design of Electrocatalytic Materials and Performance of Application Drives”, “Opportunities and Challenges of Hydrogen Energy”, “Application Scenarios and Technical Analysis of Energy Storage” elaborated the difficulties and development opportunities of energy storage technology from new energy vehicles, electrocatalytic materials and energy storage system design, which won the unanimous approval of the participants.

With the theme of “Energy Storage Promoting Sustainable Development of New Energy Industry”, the conference received more than 360 papers, held 50 plus conference reports, invited reports surpass 140, conducted beyond 50 oral reports and exchanged wall papers exceed 110.

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