SDUT Holds 5th Student Congress and 1st Graduate Congress


On the afternoon of December 31st , 2020, with the solemn and majestic national anthem, the fifth student congress and the first graduate congress of SDUT was solemnly opened in the auditorium of Students’ Art Center. LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, ZHA Yuxi, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice president of SDUT, attended the meeting. LIU Xinyu, chairman of Shandong Student Union, and LI Yuxuan, chairman of China University of Petroleum student union, were invited to attend the meeting. Heads of relevant departments, deputy secretaries of the general Party branch and Chinese Communist Youth League general branch in charge of student affairs of various schools, 348 undergraduate representatives and 36 graduate representatives attended the meeting. The opening ceremony was presided over by RONG Shantong, a member of the presidium of the conference.

LIU Xinyu, on behalf of Shandong Student Union and LI Yuxuan, on behalf of China University of Petroleum student union, congratulated the conference.

At the opening ceremony, on behalf of the Party committee of SDUT, LYU Chuanyi extended warm congratulations on the opening of the conference, and extended sincere greetings and best wishes to the delegates attended the conference and the young students of SDUT. He fully affirmed the achievements of the student union and the graduate student union in the past two years, and put forward four hopes and requirements: first, he hoped that student organizations at all levels would continue to deepen reform and strengthen their own construction; second, he hoped that student representatives would sincerely perform their duties and serve the youth development; third, he hoped that the cadre of Chinese Communist Youth League and student unions would bravely shoulder the mission of the times and play a pioneering role; fourth, he hoped that all youth of the SDUT would adhere to education from the perspective of social responsibility, innovative spirit, specialized knowledge, practical ability as well as physical and mental health, and strive to be “Five-Have” talents.

He hoped that the students would closely link their personal learning and growth with the cause of the Party and the country, and with the needs of the society and the people, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, shoulder the glorious mission bravely, train excellent skills, live up to the trust of the times, and compose a wonderful music for the youth in the new era with unremitting efforts and outstanding achievements, so as to contribute their own power to the acceleration of the construction of high-level university.

Subsequently, the conference deliberated and adopted the work report and the constitution (amendment) of the previous session of the student union and the graduate student union, and elected a new session of permanent representatives and members of the presidium of the student union and graduate student union.

The conference closed in the inspiring school anthem.

After the closing ceremony, a meeting of the presidium of the new session of student union and graduate student union was held in conference room 222 of Students’ Art Center. ZHA Yuxi attended the meeting. On behalf of SDUT, he congratulated the successful opening of the conference and the newly elected presidium, fully affirmed the past work of the student union and the graduate student union at the school level, and expressed his gratitude for everyone’s hard work. He encouraged the students to deeply understand the new situation of “two overall situations”, enhance their sense of mission, responsibility as well as urgency of the times, and put forward hopes and requirements for the members of the presidium of the new session: first, we should set up lofty ideals and improve political literacy; second, we should keep in mind the service tenet and firmly safeguard the interests of the majority of students; third, we should play a pioneering role to boost the priority work of SDUT; fourth, we should pay attention to self-construction and improve the ability and level.

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