LYU Chuanyi and HU Xingyu Deliver Speeches on the 65th Anniversary of SDUT


“The gentle breeze and mild rain covered for decades and even a century, the dense arbors towered under sunshine and moonlight.” On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China, Shandong University of Technology (SDUT) is celebrating its 65th birthday. Here, on behalf of SDUT, we wish all teachers, students, staff and alumni at home and abroad a happy holiday, and we express our sincere thanks to leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life who have cared about and supported the construction and development of SDUT for a long time!

65 annual rings are engraved with vicissitudinous history and extraordinary years. The 65-year history records sonorous steps and heroic struggle. Looking back the past, every historical moment is exciting and every school location is unforgettable. Over the past 65 years, generations of SDUTers have shared a common fate with the motherland and the times. In the historical process of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, they have composed a long-standing entrepreneurial movement.

Over the past 65 years, SDUT has traveled or worked despite of wind and rain and forged ahead. SDUTers have always been taking talent cultivation, scientific research and social service as their responsibilities. Starting from poor and blank, SDUTers are determined, passionate and indomitable. They have turned their hard sweat into the pace of pursuing excellence and they have supported their courage to climb the peak with firm belief. They have overcome one difficulty after another, achieved one leap after another and won one victory after another. From a single discipline to 73 bachelor categories of programs covering 9 major disciplines, from a junior college with hundreds of students to a multidisciplinary university with nearly 40,000 students…the builders of all generations of SDUT have created a magnificent picture with countless painstaking efforts and with a good spiritual tradition of refusing to concede defeat, running forward, striving for first-class and pursuing excellence.

Since the “13th Five Year Plan”, adhering to the working idea of focusing on one goal, building two teams, implementing three efforts and strengthening three guarantees, SDUT has vigorously implemented Talent Priority Strategy. Recruitment and cultivation of its faculty are equally primary tasks of SDUT. The number of doctoral-degree holders among teachers has doubled, accounting for more than 50%. The overall level of teaching staff has greatly improved. More than 7,000 awards have been won in national, provincial, ministerial and above level competition, such as “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for College Students National Finals and the ability of students to grow and succeed has significantly improved. SDUT is now remarkably known by making the highest patent transfer record in China: recognized as “revolutionary and subversive” and the patent brings SDUT up to 520 million yuan as its exclusive patent application fee. Scientific research has achieved another success. SDUT is jointly built by Shandong Provincial Education Department and the People's Government of Zibo City and forms a set of replicable and promotable integrated development mode of school and city. The “One Person, Two Posts” has been deeply promoted and social service has improved and upgraded. Marked by becoming a university jointly built by State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and Shandong Provincial People's Government and a construction unit of high-level universities in Shandong Province, the characteristics of high-quality connotative development of SDUT have gradually emerged. The social influence and reputation have significantly improved. The phased goal and task set for building a “characteristic, high-level, domestic well-known teaching and research-oriented university” have been basically completed.

The Yangtze River flows day and night, just like singing impassioned songs and never stopping. So the development of SDUT does. Standing at the new historical starting point and facing the new development opportunities, a new picture of the “14th Five Year Plan” development of SDUT is slowly unfolding. Taking advantage of “construction unit of high-level universities in Shandong Province”, SDUT has set a new goal of building a high-level teaching and research-oriented university with distinctive characteristics, first-class domestic advantageous disciplines and international influence. SDUT will adhere to the socialist direction in running a school and cultivate talent for the Party and the State. It will highlight the fundamental task of cultivating virtues and morality. It will continuously increase primary driving force of reform and innovation. It will deeply implement the strategy of strengthening advantageous disciplines and the strategy of giving priority to the development of talent work. It will earnestly grasp the construction of high-level professional and technical team and high-level management and service team. It will strive to improve students' ability to grow and succeed, to apply basic research, to integrate university-local development and to lead social development by culture. It will make full efforts to produce a new situation of high-level university construction.

In the past sixty-five years, SDUTers have worked together to embark on a new journey. The year 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the first year for China to embark on a journey to fully build a modern socialist China and the first year for SDUT to develop the “14th Five Year Plan” and construct high-level university. We firmly believe that with the correct guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, with the support of all walks of life and with the joint efforts of all SDUTers, the innovative SDUT will be more energetic. Open SDUT will be more colorful. Harmonious SDUT will be warmer. The new goal of building a high-level teaching and research-oriented university with distinctive characteristics will surely be realized smoothly!

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