Information-based on-the-spot observation and promotion activities of Shandong Province Universities is held in SDUT


On May 7thto 8, SDUT undertook undergraduate Information-based on-the-spot observation and promotion activities in Shandong Province Universities, sponsored by the Education Department of Shandong Province, successively held in our school and Zibo Blue Horizon Intenational Hotel.In order to promote the informatization development plan, carry out campus construction applications actively and enhance the ability of higher education to develop with high quality by information and intelligence.

REN Changshan, Director of Education Informatization and Network Security Division of the Department of Science, Technology and Informatization of the Ministry of Education; BAI Hao, Deputy Secretary of Shandong Provincial Education Working Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education; HU Xingyu, Deputy Secretary of the  Party Committee and President of SDUT; WEI Xiuting and SU Shoubo, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT; Nearly 200 people, including presidents, vice presidents in charge of informatization, directors of educational affairs and heads of informatization departments of some undergraduate universities in the province, participated in the activity.

On the afternoon of 7th, in the auditorium of College Students Art Center, the observation group listened to the introduction of the school's teaching informatization work, and carried out the observation of teaching innovation.

HU Xingyu delivered a speech on behalf of the SDUT. He pointed out that promoting the construction of education and teaching informatization was the only way and necessary for the construction of first-class undergraduate courses and the realization of high-quality connotative development of the university. SDUT focused on building a deep integration model of information technology and teaching, which met the personalized learning needs of students, promoted the transformation of teachers' teaching concepts and models, and realized the improvement of both teachers' teaching level and students' learning quality. In the next step, SDUT will continue to promote the construction of information technology in education, so that information technology can plug in the wings for teaching, and improve the quality of talent training in an all-round way.

The head of the academic affairs office of the school made a report titled Exploration and Practice of the Deep Integration Mode of Information Technology and Teaching, introducing the experience and practice of promoting the teaching informatization work of our school. Professor NIU Xixia, Associate Professor ZHANG Housheng and Professor LI Zhenmei of our school respectively shared the topics of Hybrid teaching practice in colleges and universities based on divided classes, Mixed Teaching Practice of 'Three Stages, Five Rings and Seven Degrees' Based on Virtual Simulation and New Form Textbook Construction Practice Based on Information Technology.

In the lecture hall of No. 3 teaching building, YUE Song, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and a young teacher of our school, introduced the practice of optimizing the teaching effect of ideological and political courses in the form of hologram. 5G industry experts introduced the application practice of 5G+ in college education and teaching.

After the collective observation, the group visited our school's intelligent recording and online open course production base and the teacher vocational skills coordination training center in groups.

On the 8th, participants held a promotion meeting at the Zibo Blue Horizon Intenational Hotel. On the meeting, the related people from Shandong University, Shandong Normal University, Qingdao University, Shandong University of Finance and Economics, Shandong Jianzhu University and Shandong Youth University Of Political Science, introduced the work experience of wisdom campus construction, big data management and net-service hall construction application respectively. Participating leaders present medals to the second batch of educational informatization demonstration units.

REN Changshan made a speech and gave full recognition to the achievements made in the informatization work of universities in Shandong Province. He pointed out that informatization has gradually become an endogenous variable in transforming the educational system and improving the quality of education. We must be firm in self-confidence to adapt to the new situation, summarize the development effect of education informatization and promote the driving force to support the high-quality development of education.

BAI Hao made a speech, he asked universities to emancipate the mind, innovate bravely, comprehensively promote “Internet + higher education”. We should work hard on mechanism innovation, strengthen organization and leadership, perfect working mechanism and advance working synergy. We should make great efforts in teaching reform to accelerate the transformation of students' learning style, teachers' roles and classroom forms. Efforts should be made in management practices, to strengthen system integration and security, to improve online services, and to enhance the ability to apply the big data.

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