SDUT Signs a Contract with Goertek to Jointly Build a Modern Industrial College


On the morning of the May 8th, SDUT andGoertek Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony at Goertek’s Electro-Acoustic Park to jointly build a modern industrial college and produce a demonstrative talent training entity including talent training, scientific research, technological innovation, enterprise services, student entrepreneurship, etc.

LV Chuanyi, Secretary of Party Committee of SDUT, delivered a speech.

LIU Yun, deputy secretary and mayor of Weifang, LV Chuanyi, secretary of Party Committee of SDUT, and JIANG Bin, chairman of Goertek Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony and made speeches. WEI Xiuting, vice president and member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of SDUT, SONG Junqi, secretary general of Weifang Municipal Government, DU Quanping, director of Education Bureau, SONG Chifeng, secretary of Party Working Committee and director of Administrative Committee of Weifang high-tech industry development zone , GAO Xiaoguang, senior vice-president of Goertek Co., Ltd all attended the ceremony. The heads of the relevant departments and colleges of SDUT, relevant departments of Weifang, responsible persons of Goertek participated in the ceremony.

JIANG Bin said that the signing ceremony of co-building modern industry college was a great event in the history of Goertek, which marked a new step in the integration of industry and education and university-enterprise cooperation for Goertek and Shandong University of Technology, and laid a solid foundation for promoting win-win cooperation. Goertek would go all out to support the relevant cooperative projects, provide the relevant resources needed to build the industrial college, promote the innovation of the school-running model and broaden the cooperation channels.The Goertek wouldplay a leading role in the integration of industry and education in Shandong Province and even in the whole country and make contributions to the economic development and social progress. 

LV Chuanyi pointed out that Weifang enjoys convenient transportation, developed economy, prosperous education and cultural undertakings and superior development environment. In recent years, under the leadership of Weifang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, various undertakings have developed rapidly and shown great vitality. Goertek aimed at the forefront of science and technology research and development, having bright prospects for development; There were a great number of disciplines in SDUT, which matched well with the direction of research and development of Goertek. The two sides enjoyed a vast space of cooperation broad cooperation space and a big future. It was a beneficial exploration of talent training mode to co-build modern industrial college by university and enterprise, which was not only helpful to cultivate students' innovative spirit, and enhance practical ability, but was also conductive to enterprises' technological innovation and talent attraction. It was believed that with the support of Weifang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, university-enterprise cooperation would be more comprehensive and in-depth, and would continue to bear fruitful results.

In his remark, LIU Yun said that SDUT is a multi-disciplinary university with science and engineering as its main focus. Goertek is a leading enterprise in the new generation of information technology industry in Shandong province and even in China. The two sides jointly built a modern industry college to establish an efficient platform for cooperation and development. The Weifang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to and set up special classes to concentrate their efforts and resources to promote the construction of modern industrial college. We hoped that both sides could cooperate sincerely, give our respective potentials to fully play, and take the opportunity of jointly building the modern industry college to realize the beautiful vision of cooperation and development together. Weifang would produce favorable conditions and provide strong support for the development of industrial colleges with the greatest sincerity, the best environment and service.  

WEI Xiuting and GAO Xiaoguang signed the Framework Agreement on Co-building Modern Industrial College on behalf of the two sides respectively. According to the agreement, the college of industry aimed to deepen the integration of industry and education, innovate the univeristy-enterprise cooperation mode, and provide talent and intellectual support to improve the industrial competitiveness and gather new drivers of development. It also strove to build a talent training brand, and provide a new model that could be learned and promoted for the construction of similar undergraduate universities. During the 10-year effective period, both parties would jointly build Goertek Experimental Class to promote the construction of new engineering, develop school-enterprise cooperative courses, and jointly build engineering practice and training centers as well as the teaching teams.

Before the ceremony, accompanied by JIANG Bin, LV Chuanyi and the delegation visited the exhibition hall and some production workshops of Goertek.

Located in the Weifang high-tech industry development zone, Goertek Co., was founded in June 2001 and went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2008. In November 2019, it was listed in the first batch of China's Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprises. Goertek is a globally scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise, which mainly engages in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of component parts such as: acoustics, optics, microelectronic, enclosure parts, smart complete machine and high-end equipment. Now it has comprehensive competitiveness in many fields.

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