SDUT Deploys 2021 Work Tasks


On the afternoon of March 25, SDUT held a meeting in the Art Center Auditorium to decompose and deploy various work tasks in 2021 and put forward requirements for doing the annual work.The meeting was attended by HU Xingyu, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, LIU Guohua, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting and ZHA Yuxi, members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice Presidents, and all middle-level cadres.

HU Xingyu made a speech. He studied and analyzed the key tasks of university, and put forward ideas and measures for future work in terms of five aspects of discipline construction, undergraduate talents training, scientific research and social services, governance capabilities, and human resource management.

Regarding discipline construction, he made the following points: To improve the leading role of disciplines; To optimize discipline layout and form a discipline ecology; To strengthen cooperation among government, enterprises and university; To promote international exchanges and cooperation; To build an assessment and incentive mechanism, with the discipline target matching the conditions and orientations; To handle the relationship among foundation, advantages and characteristics; To make breakthroughs in key links and coordinate all links to work together; To integrate moral education into the whole process of discipline construction; To construct first-class courses, first-class disciplines, first-class teaching, and cultivate first-class talents.

Regarding undergraduate talents training, HU Xingyu conducted a profound and accurate analysis from eleven aspects: To optimize discipline layout; To pay equal attention to militarism education, materialism education, civic moral education, worldview education, and aesthetic education; To guide students to learn how to behave, get along and study; To reform the talent training mode and strengthen discipline construction; To improve the quality of classroom teaching; To improve talent training program; To hold teaching work meetings; To solve practical teaching problems by way of combining inside and outside university;To formulate and implement an enrollment responsibility system to improve the quality of students; To strengthen teachers’ moral building.

Regarding scientific research and social services, HU Xingyu pointed out that the following methods should be used to further enhance scientific research and social service capabilities: To conduct exchanges and cooperation on high-level platforms at home and abroad; To strengthen organized scientific research and team building; To cooperate with large enterprises, colleges, universities, and foreign institutions in scientific research and platforms co-construction; To actively integrate into economic and social development; To highlight the military industry characteristic.

Regarding governance capabilities, he emphasized the following points: To pay attention to managing basic work; To improve the efficiency of management and service; To promote informatization; To make scientific decisions; To complete evaluation in disciplines, postgraduate training, undergraduate talents training, resource allocation, etc.; To make assessment by comparing and analyzing the actual value and the target value.

Regarding human resource management, HU Xingyu emphasized that talents should be introduced and educated around the goal of discipline construction: To take various management incentive methods in administration, ideology, economy, culture, etc.; To adopt different management methods for different types of personnel such as teachers, teaching assistants, administrators, and service staff; To adjust assessment and distribution, and increase the weight of the assessment in performance distribution.

In order to implement the target tasks, HU Xingyu put forward six requirements: First, we must balance the relationship among school running purpose, connotation development and external indicators; Second, we must make greater efforts to assessment, improve the accuracy of assessment, and increase the weight of assessment in performance distribution; Third, we must establish a target tasks ledger, and implement cancellation management and schedule management; Fourth, we must conduct supervision and implementation with more intensity; Fifth, we must expand external exchanges and cooperation to help achieve target tasks; Sixth, we must adhere to the “six requests and six prohibitions” to improve workeffectiveness.

LIU Guohua presided over the meeting. In order to carry out the spirit of this meeting and promote the implementation of annual work, she stressed: First, we must clarify responsibilities and authorities to refine implementation measures; Second, we must to strengthen overall coordination to form synergy for implementation; Third, we must intensify supervision and inspection to improve the effectiveness of implementation.

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