The General Election of SDUT’s Council and the First Meeting of the Second Council Held


On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of SDUT, the general election of SDUT’s council and the first meeting of the second council was held in the conference room on the second floor of the North Building of Xingyuan Hotel on the morning of May 27th to discuss the reform and development of the university and promote its development.

LV Chuanyi, secretary of Party Committee of SDUT, HU Xingyu, president and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, LIU Guohua and WANG Libin, vice presidents and members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of SDUT, 35 council members, heads of relevant departments and each colleges attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by HU Xingyu.

LV Chuanyi made a work report on behalf of the first council of SDUT. He comprehensively reviewed the work of the first council from some aspects such as the role of the think-tank in providing suggestion for the school construction and development and acting as a bridge in establishing a platform to seek school resources. He also made a brief introduction of the school's achievements during the 13th Five-Year Plan.

LV Chuanyi put forward three suggestions on how to give full play to the council. 

First was to strengthen self-improvement and constantly improve the operational mechanism of the council. In accordance with the charter of SDUT and the charter of the council, we should improve the relevant supporting systems, establish and complete the meeting procedures and rules of procedure. The works should be carried out in various aspects and forms through multiple channels. We should conscientiously accept the supervision of teachers, students, staffs, all walks of life and competent authorities to promote the standardized, healthy and sustainable development of the Council.

Second, we should open channels of communication and absorb opinions and suggestions in a timely and effective manner. In addition, we should adopt more flexible and varied forms, open channels, timely inform the council members of the construction and development of SDUT, conduct decision-making consultation on major issues such as the SDUT's development goals, strategic planning, discipline construction, specialty setting, major reform measures, and the revision of the school charter, and incorporate reasonable opinions and suggestion into relevant works. 

Third was to strengthen external relations and strive for resources for running schools. We should make full use of our linking role by virtue of the influence and appeal of the council to further make the university keep in close touch with higher authorities, council units and all walks of life. Furthermore, we should adhere to the mutual benefit and win-win results, promote the school to take full advantage of its own advantages and obtain more school resources in the course of providing quality services to the socio-economic development.

The meeting deliberated and approved the list of the SDUT's second council members, and voted to approve the proposed organizational list of SDUT’s second council and the Constitution of the Council of Shandong University of Technology (Amendment). 

Participating school leaders awarded plague for the council, and issued letters of appointment for council members. LIU Nianbo, chairman of Huaguan Group Co., Ltd., GAO Xiaoguang, senior vice president of Goertek Co., Ltd. spoke as a representative of the council. They expressed that they would strictly abide by the charter of the council, conscientiously and responsibly perform their duties, make every efforts to produce conditions so as to provide quality support and service for the construction and development of SDUT and work together for a more splendid future.

LV Chuanyi was elected as the president of the second council. He said in his remarks that he would live up to the high expectations and great trust, continue to organize and carry out the work of the council, and make greater contributions to the development of SDUT. Council members would definitely bear in mind the high expectations and great trust from all walks of life and all the teachers, students and staff of the school, abiding by the charters, performing their duties, being realistic and pragmatic and continuously surpassing. They would strive to achieve the common development, shared growth and win-win results and produce a new horizon for the development of various undertakings of SDUT.

HU Xingyu pointed out that in the past five years, all the members of the first council has fully displayed the functions of consultation, consultation, discussion and supervision, and made important contributions to the high quality development of the school. The second council would surely do better on the basis of the first council. 

Then, the council held group discussions, during which in-depth exchanges were conducted on the role of the council and many valuable opinions and suggestions were put forward.

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