SDUT holds the deployment meeting of the 14th Five-Year special plan


On the morning of March 12th, the 14th Five-Year special plan meeting was held in the conference room on the ninth floor of Hongyuan Building. LV Chuanyi, secretary of Party Committee of SDUT, HU Xingyu, president of SDUT and deputy secretary of the Party Committee, WANG Libin, vice president and member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of SDUT attended the meeting. WANG Libin presided over the meeting.

LV Chuanyi first reviewed the drafting process of the 14th Five-Year Development Plan of Shandong University of Technology. He pointed out that the guiding ideology, overall objectives and development strategy of the Outline were based on the Nine Major Measures, and the key to its implementation was the compilation of special plans.

Focusing on the compilation of special plans, he proposed to properly handle the three relations and reflect the three standards. As for the three relations, LV Chuanyi pointed out that the first was to deal with the relationship between the whole and the part. The philosophy, logic and concept of the Outline should be fully absorbed and implemented in the special plan, and it should be consistent with the elaboration in the Outline. Special plans must fully cover the tasks, goals and targets set out in the Outline without omission. Secondly, we must properly handle the relationship between general and priority. We should not only arrange and specify the general work but do the priority well. Thirdly, we must strike a balance between inheritance and innovation. We should not only carry forward our good practices from the past, but also vigorously emancipate our minds, conduct in-depth research, remain problem-oriented. We would use our creative thinking to solve difficult problems in the course of development, adhere to the goal guidance, adapt to new situations in a timely manner, and work creatively in light of new requirements.

When it comes to the three standards, LV Chuanyi stressed that the first was the guidance. Special plan should be advanced. The goals and tasks we set should be advanced and reasonable, neither be aggressive nor conservative, be in line with the Outline but not limited to its contents. There goals and tasks should be accomplished through hard work, but not be divorced from reality or be set too high. The second was scientificity. We should make clear the working rules, take practical and effective measures according to the reality of SDUT, which could play a role of move mountains with few resources, that was to say, obtaining greater output with less input. The third was operability. The compilation of special plan should be specific, so that they could be arranged and deployed and the intermediate process could be checked and evaluated. They should be in clear so that the measures could be arranged and implemented directly in the work.

HU Xingyu emphasized how to further do a good job of the 14th Five Year special plan work. He pointed out that the compilation of special plan was an important approach to implement the Outline. To implement the overall goal and development strategy of the Outline and form concrete measures with strong operability needs to conduct sufficient investigation and research, and put forward innovative tasks and measures by pooling the our wisdom. Specific school leaders should pay attention to the compilation of special plans in their respective fields, not only to speed up the compilation process of special plans, but to coordinate the progress of special plans according to the logical relationship in all work so as to ensure the quality of special plans effectively promote the high-quality development of SDUT.

When presiding over the meeting, WANG Libin required to implement the spirit of this meeting in a down-to-earth manner, clear time schedule and do a good job in the compilation of the special plan according to the requirement.  

Heads of relevant departments and units attended the meeting.

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