LU bingheng, academician of CAE was appointed as special professor of SDUT


On the morning of January 9th, SDUT held a ceremony in the conference room on the ninth floor of Hongyuan building to appoint Lu Bingheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and famous scientist in the field of machinery manufacturing and automation, as our distinguished professor. LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party committee, HUXingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committeeandPresident of SDUT, LIU Guohua and WEI Xiuting, members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, and responsible persons of relevant Departments and Schools, attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, LYU Chuanyi presented LU Bingheng with a letter of appointment. HU Xingyu signed an appointment agreement with LU Bingheng.

LYU Chuanyi made an enthusiastic speech, said that the joining of Academician LU Bingheng was a great event in the development history of SDUT, and certainly had an important impact on the mechanical engineering discipline construction of SDUT, especially the development of advanced manufacturing field. We were full of confidence and expectation in this regard.

LYU Chuanyi briefly introduced the main achievements of the university in personnel training, scientific research and social service in recent years, as well as the main ideas and development strategies of promoting the construction of a high-level university during The 14th Five-Year Plan period. He said that in the period of the school, to achieve a new breakthrough in the construction of mechanical engineering discipline, high-level talents are urgently needed. It was a great honor for SDUT to have Academician LU Bingheng to join us and guide us. We would do a good job in all aspects of service work, give full play to the leading role of Academician LU Binheng, and promote the discipline construction of SDUT to a new level.

LU Bingheng said that he was very glad to be appointed as a special professor of SDUT. In recent years, SDUT has developed rapidly. It has attached great importance to the construction of teaching staff and has a good talent reserve, making a solid talent foundation for the discipline construction. SDUT has made good achievements in personnel training and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, which fully demonstrates the school's clear development ideas and practical work style. He said that he would give full play to his years of accumulated scientific research experience, make contributions to the discipline construction, scientific research team construction and young talents training of SDUT, improving the discipline construction level of mechanical engineering.

ZHENG Hongyu, Special Assistant to President and Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, introduced the basic situation of mechanical engineering discipline and the idea of its future construction.

Accompanied by LYU Chuanyi, Prof. LU visited the Engineering Ceramics Research Institute, Laser High-end Manufacturing Research Center, Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute and Analysis and Test Center before the appointment ceremony.

LU Bingheng was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2005. He has been committed to the research of advanced manufacturing technology for a long time, which mainly carried out research and teaching in 3D printing, biological manufacturing, micro/nano manufacturing and electronic manufacturing equipment. He has developed the world's first UV rapid prototyping machine, the international advanced mechanical, optical and electrical integrated rapid manufacturing equipment and a series of rapid mold manufacturing technology, and invented the anti-blocking structure and integrated development method of agricultural water-saving drip irrigation device. He has successively presided over 20 key projects such as the National Key Science and Technology Projects of “The 9th Five -Year Plan” and “the 10th Five Year Plan”, National Natural Science Fund and 973 Projects, published more than 300 papers, obtained more than 30 invention patents and 3 utility model patents.

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